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What keeps you up at night?

Enterprises face several challenges that impede efforts to modernize their security operations

Cloud security gaps 2 color icon

Cloud security gaps

While organizations embrace digital transformation to advance their business, security tools and processes must evolve to enable these initiatives securely.

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New attack surfaces

Security teams need real-time, prioritized insights into the organization’s security posture that enables rapid response to attacks as they occur.

Too many tools 2 color icon

Too many tools

The large volume of individual tools creates complex security environments that diminish efficiency and introduces challenges to modernizing security operations.

Distributed operations 2 color icon

Operational efficiency and distributed operations

With business operations spread across multiple environments, geographies and remote employees—security teams lack holistic visibility, efficient security processes and ability to respond at scale.

Your security evolution starts here

Prioritized security insights across organizational environments enable SOCs to rapidly investigate and respond to threats in real time

Cloud native SIEM 2 color icon

Enable digital transformation securely

Sumo Logic helps organizations secure their digital transformation initiatives—from cloud migration and integration innovation to infrastructure redesign and anything in between.

Detect insider threats faster 2 color icon

Surface threats automatically

Sumo Logic automatically uncovers indicators of early stage threats arising from expanded attack surfaces and generates actionable insights your security analysts can quickly investigate.

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Solve security complexity

Sumo Logic helps you consolidate tools with a single cloud-native platform that analyzes and correlates threats across diverse sources while also monitoring and troubleshooting your logs, metrics, and traces.

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Gain agility and quickly respond

SecOps gains coordinated and consistent processes across the environment that leads to faster outcomes with less strain on your security team.

Sumo Logic enables security teams to modernize operations

Cloud SIEM

Sumo Logic empowers SOC teams to modernize their security operations with our best-in-class SIEM. Provide holistic visibility into your security posture, automatically deliver insights your analysts need to secure your cloud journey, match the changing attack surface and bring innovation to your SOC with Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM.

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Cloud Infrastructure Security

Sumo Logic provides comprehensive data monitoring and analysis that generates actionable security awareness for your cloud operations and on-premises environments. Streamline your security monitoring processes with Sumo Logic’s cloud-native platform to stay ahead of evolving threat landscapes.

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Cloud SOAR

Cloud SOAR dashboard

Sumo Logic allows SOC teams to fully automate the triage, investigation, and resolution of threats and makes it possible to improve SecOps productivity by automating repetitive tasks, freeing your analysts to focus on more important tasks. Our open integrations approach makes it easy to run full incident response lifecycle management and significantly accelerate mean time to respond (MTTR).

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Sumo Logic security capabilities

Sumo Logic empowers security teams to modernize security operations by automatically surfacing actionable insights using a single, intuitive and collaborative cloud-native platform.

Cloud-native architecture

Cloud-native architecture

Sumo Logic makes it fast and easy to manage the security of an organization’s digital transformation projects—from cloud migration and integration innovation to infrastructure redesign and anything in between.

Uncover and investigate insights

Uncover and investigate insights

Sumo Logic provides a comprehensive approach for automatically uncovering activity that can indicate an early stage attack by identifying spikes and anomalies based on your organization’s baseline of historical data.

Unrestricted by the processing power of on-premises hardware, our cloud-native solution automates your alert triage process and efficiently analyzes all Records in order to surface Insights for your analysts to immediately investigate.

Progressive automation, orchestration and insightful decision making

Progressive automation, orchestration and insightful decision making

Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR improves incident response time with flexible workflow automation across tools and teams. Machine learning distinguishes real threats from false positives to reduce alert fatigue.

Multi-use, single platform

Multi-use, single platform

Sumo Logic helps you mitigate the overload of tools by allowing you to use a single platform that analyzes and correlates threats across your on-premises, cloud and multi-cloud environments. Serving your many security requirements, the platform provides comprehensive capabilities to meet your needs for log management, metrics, SIEM, alert triage, detection and incident response using data sources such as endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection and response (NDR), web gateways, firewalls and threat intelligence.

Modernize your security operations

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