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Enable Developers & DevOps Teams

Anticipate potential volatility and get indicators that your release may be at risk.

Monitor Release Candidates

Leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to make decisions on an automated basis.

Secure Intellectual Property

See where your organization’s intellectual property resides and who has access.


Complete Overview

Gain a centralized overview of the artifact repositories with the ability to drill down on repositories to quickly identify recent changes, check application dependencies and identify potential issues. The Sumo Logic App for JFrog Artifactory provides a view of all the build information about how development teams are working.

  • Gain insights into deployments by geolocation, IP address, or repository.
  • View overall traffic by geolocation, data transfer, most active IPs, etc.
  • Requests and Access – Requests by repo, status codes, denied requests, etc.
  • Download Activity – Accepted and denied downloads by geolocation, IP, etc.
  • Monitor cached and non-cached deployment activity

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Monitor Repo Traffic

Apply advanced analytics to make decisions on an automated basis based on metadata and logs collected to prove that it’s a fit to make it into production.

  • Overall Traffic by Geolocation.
  • Download and Upload Traffic by Geolocation.
  • Data Upload-Download.
  • Data Transfer Over Time.
  • Active Uploading and Downloading IPs.
  • Most Active Repos by Data Transfer or Action.
  • Most Active IPs by Action.
  • Most Active Locations and Top Referred Files.

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Secure Intellectual Property

Security teams today do not have visibility into what is considered “normal” access and usage. View dashboards to get 5xx Status Codes, and requests by status code every 10 minutes in a stacked column chart on a timeline for the last 24 hours. See denied login requests and uploads by repository.

  • Requests by Status Code (Every 10 Minutes).
  • 5xx Status Codes.
  • Requests by Repo.
  • Uploads by Repo.
  • Denied Login Attempts.
  • Accepted Login Attempts.

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