Security Analytics

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Protect your applications, infrastructure, and critical data, while reducing the effort to maintain compliance with our cloud-native security analytics platform.


Sumo Logic helps you detect threats and respond confidently



Identify threats by monitoring key security metrics and indicators of compromise. Don't miss any security events and trends with integrations into cloud and on-premise technologies, with over 75 pre-built security monitoring solutions.



Zero in on the most critical threats by correlating issues, trends and events across your entire organization. Evaluate potential impacts by putting events in the context of most crucial to key business strategies and initiatives.



Accelerate and streamline your investigations with optimized processes that are able to analyze massive amounts of data using patented machine learning analytics.



Reduce audit costs by maintaining compliance with internal and external standards (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR etc.) with centralized logging, continuous monitoring, and automated retention policies.

Secure your modern apps

“Sumo Logic has been phenomenal for helping us achieve our privacy and security goals. You really get the feeling that they are concerned with making sure that you’re going to be successful as an organization.”


John Visneski

Director of Information Security and Data Protection Officer

Cloud-native Sumo Logic platform

The Sumo Logic platform helps you make data-driven decisions and reduce the time to investigate security and operational issues so you can free up resources for more important activities.

Unified Platform

Unified platform

A single integrated solution for developers, security, operations and LOB teams.

Built To Scale

Built to scale

100+ petabytes of data analyzed, 20 million searches performed – every day.

Cloud Economics

Cloud economics

Flexible subscription model tailored to your business and analytical needs.

Machine Learning

Proactive & predictive

Identify, investigate and resolve issues faster with machine learning.

Secure By Design

Secure by design

Built with security-first principle in and for the cloud.

Powering Modern

Powering modern enterprise

Empowering teams to securely collaborate using role-based access control and content sharing.

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