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Nobl9 Integration

Create SLOs in Nobl9 powered by Sumo Logic

All of your SLOs in a single pane of glass

Create SLOs using Sumo Logic data and view them alongside all other SLOs across your organization in Nobl9

Monitor And Visualize

Create SLOs in Nobl9 powered by Sumo Logic

Nobl9 supports Sumo Logic along with over twenty other datasources to retrieve your metrics data, calculate and track your error budgets, and present them in a single view to see the overall health of your organization.

Retain And Visualize Logs

Industry leading tools to create, update, and view your SLOs in code

Nobl9 supports OpenSLO and provides a command line tool and integrates with Github and Gitlab to automate updating your SLOs inside of Nobl9 when they change in your source repo. This enables a true SLO-as-code model, ensures a single source of truth for your SLOs, and keeps your SLOs in sync across all your tools.

Alert And Notify

Actionable alerts

Take action and alert to any alerting or notification tooling when your SLO criteria has reached or exceeded your tolerance thresholds. You can create an incident or block your CI pipeline using our webhook, send a message to the team via Slack or Discord, log a bug in ServiceNow or Jira, or many other options built into Nobl9.

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