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Big Data has a BIG STORY
A Toddler’s Guide to Data Analytics

Any parent of a two-year old appreciates the power of speaking a common language. There is nothing more frustrating to my two-year old son than his inability to communicate what he wants. Learning to say things like “milk” and “applesauce” has transformed the breakfast experience. On the other hand, learning to say “trash” means that […]

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Together Forever – Logs and Metrics

  Together forever and never to part Together forever we two And don’t you know I would move heaven and earth To be together forever with you Rick Astley   There are lots of things in this world that when put together, prove to be more than the sum of their parts. For example, take […]

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Korean Short Rib Taco or the Blue Plate Special – Three Reasons to Order Data Analytics as a Service with Your Microservices Architecture

One of the current market shifts getting a lot of attention these days is the transition from traditional monolithic application architectures to microservices, the impact of which can be felt from technological innovation to business/team culture.  We, at Sumo Logic, believe in the  importance of this trend because the same forces driving companies to microservices […]

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Explore your Data with Interactive Dashboards

We are excited about one of our newest features, Interactive Dashboards. Interactive Dashboards is the second major release of a longer term project for changing the way Sumo Logic dashboards work. Based on the feedback from you, our users, we are working to make our dashboarding technology more flexible and easier to use. In this […]

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Piercing the Fog in a Devops World

Two things still amaze me about the San Francisco Bay area two years on after moving here from the east coast – the blindingly blue, cloudless skies – and the fog. It is hard to describe how beautiful it is to drive up the spine of the San Francisco Peninsula on northbound I-280 as the […]

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Sumo Logic meets StatsD – DevOps tools Unite!

Of all of the new tools spawned by the DevOps movement, I find Etsy’s open-source tool, statsd, the most interesting. The enterprise software market is being shaken to its foundation, and statsd is one of the tools providing the vibrations. Instead of relying on the more generic metrics provided by application performance management (APM) vendors, […]

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Why I joined Sumo Logic and Moved to Silicon Valley

We make hundreds of decisions every day, mostly small ones, that are just part of life’s ebb and flow. And then there are the big decisions that don’t merely create ripples in the flow of your life – they redirect it entirely. The massive, life-defining decisions like marriage and children; the career-defining decisions like choosing your first […]

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