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Stefan Zier

Stefan was Sumo’s first engineer and Chief Architect. He enjoys working on cloud plumbing and is plotting to automate his job fully, so he can spend all his time skiing in Tahoe.

Benchmarking Microservices for Fun and Profit

Why should I benchmark microservices? The ultimate goal of benchmarking is to better understand the software, and test out the effects of various optimization techniques for microservices. In this blog, we describe our approach to benchmarking microservices here at Sumo Logic. Create a spreadsheet for tracking your benchmarking We found a convenient way to document […]

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Change Management, the ChatOps Way

Here at Sumo Logic where changes are implemented every day, at any time of the day, we discovered that even a daily Change Management Board (CMB) is much too slow for our environment. After iterations over several years, we arrived at this solution.

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Using Sleeper Cells to Load Test Microservices

In the good old days of monolithic services, basic load testing was relatively straightforward. You’d start your service on a production-like server, maybe a database. Then, you’d point a load generation tool at it and measure how much load the service could push through. Unfortunately, things are a bit more complicated in microservices architectures, especially […]

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Optimizing Selectivity in Search Queries

While we at Sumo Logic constantly work to improve search performance automatically, there are some improvements that can only be made by humans who understand what question a search query answers and what the data looks like. In a Sumo Logic query, operators are chained together with the pipe symbol ( | ) to calculate […]

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Debugging Amazon SES Message Delivery Using Sumo Logic

We at Sumo Logic use Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) for sending thousands of emails every day for things like search results, alerts, account notifications etc. We need to monitor SES to ensure timely delivery and know when emails bounce. Amazon SES provides notifications about status of email via Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service). Amazon […]

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Mitigating the Heartbleed Vulnerability

By now, you have likely read about the security vulnerability known as the Heartbleed bug. It is a vulnerability in the widespread OpenSSL library. It allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to encrypt traffic on the Internet (including Sumo Logic). How did we eliminate the threat? When we […]

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AWS re:Invent – The Future is Now

This past week, several of us had the pleasure of attending Amazon Web Service’s inaugural re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. In the weeks leading up to the conference, it wasn’t fully obvious to me just how big this show was going to be (not for lack of information, but mostly because I was focused on […]

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Nine 1Password Power Tips

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, many of us here are power users 1Password. Here are a few tricks we’ve assembled: 1. Sharing passwords with team members There are those rare occasions where you cannot avoid sharing a password with somebody else on the team. For example, some older applications don’t support multiple […]

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Security-Gain without Security-Pain

As Joan mentioned, we use SaaS products a lot here at Sumo Logic. On an average day, I log into sites on the internet tens or even hundreds of times, supplying a username and password each time. The proliferation of usernames and passwords creates three issues: Password hygiene. In this day and age, it is […]

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Pragmatic AWS: Principle of Least Privilege with IAM

One of the basic principles in information security is the Principle of Least Privilege. The idea is simple: give every user/process/system the minimal amount of access required to perform its tasks. In this post, I’ll describe how this principle can be applied to applications running in a cluster of EC2 instances that need access to AWS […]

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“Sumo Logic brings everything together into one interface 
where we Hudl can quickly scan across 1,000 servers across and gigabytes of logs and quickly identify problems. It’s awesome software 
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Jon Dokuli,
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