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December 2, 2020 By Pawel Brzoska

Onboard your tracing data to Sumo Logic even faster with AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (now in preview)

We at Sumo Logic believe in an open, flexible, community-driven approach to collecting observability data. Those reasons are outlined in one of my recent blogs. In that publication, I share the belief that an application’s observability gains traction from the fact that telemetry signals are designed, composed, and produced by an application developer/vendor in compliance with industry standards, and are not a proprietary, black box component of the monitoring vendor.

We started building our distributed tracing strategy around OpenTelemetry a year ago, going beta in summer and GA during Illuminate 2020. During this same time frame, we contributed to various OpenTelemetry projects, including OpenTelemetry collector, which became our main tracing collection source, and also included in the Sumo Logic Kubernetes collection.

I predicted more software vendors would onboard and provide support for OpenTelemetry, so we were pleased to learn AWS plans to release their own OpenTelemetry distro (now in preview) to make collection of observability signals even easier for the customers to run their workloads on AWS. We have a strong partnership with AWS and are happy to strengthen that relationship in the field of OpenTelemetry collection.

At Sumo Logic, we are committed to work with AWS to mature the overall end-to-end open and flexible observability solution. This work continues to build. From AWS deployed single-button easy set-up collection layer to the best most scalable backend for OpenTelemetry, we move forward together. Many of our customers have already adopted the new standards and are sound advocates of this exciting new opportunity for open and flexible data collection without vendor lock-in.

Already, you can ingest any type of open standard compatible tracing data (e.g., OpenTelemetry, OpenTracing, OpenCensus) to Sumo Logic and enjoy the most comprehensive, intuitive, and modern troubleshooting workflows for small and big organizations, helping you resolve problems faster.

Further to that point, with Sumo Logic Tracing, you get the ability:

  • to support the tracing open standard of your choice (e.g. OpenTelemetry, OpenTracing, OpenCensus), so you can enable transactional visibility without vendor lock-in.
  • to ingest natively any open standard compatible tracing format to the platform through the Sumo Logic Kubernetes collector or the OpenTelemetry collector, allowing you to analyze all observability signals in context.
  • to search for traces of interesting transactions, so that you can find long-running or faulty transactions.
  • to drill down to any specific trace to better understand timing relations, the journey through the application infrastructure, full metadata info, error details, metrics-based infrastructure health info, and more.
  • to drill down to logs or infrastructure KPIs and easily pinpoint a root cause of the problem with all the important telemetry data at hand.

Onboard your tracing data to Sumo Logic for even faster gains.

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Pawel Brzoska

Pawel Brzoska

Group Product Manager

Besides sailing and horseback riding, Pawel was always passionate about great user experience. He spent many years working hands-on with the biggest IT organizations in the world, understanding their problems and challenges with digital transformation to help them exceed their customers expectations by building monitoring and observability products that win the market. Pawel joined Sumo in summer 2019 and is busy since then with extending our platform to cover APM/tracing use cases.

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