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August 9, 2018 By Mike Reinhart

Get Miles Ahead of Security & Compliance Challenges in the Cloud with Sumo Logic

Managing security and compliance in the new world of cloud and modern applications giving you chills? You’re not alone. Meet Miles. Miles leads security analytics for his company and when he helped his team migrate from on-premises to a cloud environment, their traditional tools, including their on-prem SIEM, didn’t work in the cloud. Luckily, one of Miles’ colleagues, Diana, told him about her team’s flexible and scalable cloud security analytics platform that gives her the operational insights needed to succeed. To hear more about Miles’ story overcoming compliance and security challenges in his new cloud environment, watch the video.

And if you want to hear Diana’s full story, watch the DevOps redemption video. To learn more about how Sumo Logic is uniquely positioned to offer DevOps and security teams the right tools for their cloud environments, visit our website or sign up for Sumo Logic for free here.

Video Transcription

<Miles> Hey, Miles here – I lead security analytics here at Travelogic. In the old days, like many of you, I had chills when thinking of managing security and compliance in this new cloud environment.We had collected a bunch of security tools for this physical environment, but keeping up and making sense of all that data was intense…Our cloud move went great! But, our celebration, did not last long…Those legacy tools just weren’t cutting it in the cloud — especially our SIEM.<Diana> Perfect timing! Check this out!<Miles> WOW, This is really good stuff! Where did you get it?<Diana> It’s my team’s new cloud analytics platform from Sumo Logic! We are loving it!And it’s not just for DevOps stuff, this puppy also comes with CrowdStrike’s threat intel built in! And with analytics and pre-built dashboards for security and compliance in the cloud too! They even have one for PCI compliance in the cloud and others for monitoring tons of other things we use in our network, like Okta and Carbon Black, and even for things like our Office 365, and Salesforce apps.It was so simple, we just signed up for their free trial, and were completely blown away by the things it can do! I can give everyone on our team access to the tool in just a few seconds!<Miles> My team and I were amazed! Sumo Logic gave us full visibility into the cloud app stacks and infrastructure, to tightly manage our security and compliance requirements that we were missing with our old tools.<Miles> Good point! Our teams used to be pretty siloed. But Sumo Logic has given us a common collaborative resource that helps both our teams with the analytics and insights we each need in the cloud. It’s really fostered a true DevSecOps environment.<Miles> So what are you waiting for? Remember they have a free trial — check it out!

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Mike Reinhart

Mike Reinhart serves as Sumo Logic’s director of product marketing for cloud security & compliance and brings decades of leadership experience in global technology companies from some of the world's largest corporations to the early stage start-ups, focused on cloud, SaaS, communications and security service offerings. His background includes defining, developing, new markets and leading the go-to-market strategies and efforts for these new security and technology offerings. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management and is regularly sought after to speak at security industry, compliance and technology events worldwide.

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