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September 12, 2019 By Michael Marfise

More Innovations from Sumo Logic that Harnesses the Power of Continuous Intelligence for Modern Enterprises

As a continuation of our latest innovations announcement at Illuminate, I want to take this time to announce a few other innovations we made in the past few months that allow our customers to maximize the use of our Continuous Intelligence platform to help them accelerate their pace of innovation and differentiate the services they deliver to their customers.

As our CEO discussed in his keynote at our user conference, Illuminate, we are currently operating in an Intelligence Economy, where digital business is producing a tsunami of data that leaders and employees are under constant pressure to understand and act upon to drive great customer experiences. Without real-time insights that are actionalable, these businesses risk falling into the intelligence gap, making them more vulnerable to disruption and irrelevance. To help address their challenges, we created a category called continuous intelligence, which mirrors the operational and economic model of cloud computing.

The additional innovations that I will discuss, help our customers close the intelligence gap and win in the Intelligence Economy. They include:

  • Content Management APIs
    As we continue our API-first strategy to help our customers automate workflows and integrate Sumo Logic into their business practices, we have released a new set of APIs that enables customers and partners to . programmatically import, export, copy, delete, and manage permissions for any content and folders in the Sumo Logic content library, thereby making it easy to automate monitoring and troubleshooting workflows. Several of our partners, specifically Service Providers, are using these new APIs to automate the "cloning" of content for new organizations. They can also use the new APIs for managing web connections, data partitions, field extractions and scheduled views
  • Enterprise Audit Index and Apps
    Our new Enterprise Audit Event Index and Enterprise Audit apps provide our customers with an out-of-the-box solution that gives them advanced visibility and context into their account usage. Enterprise Audit apps, gives our users information on account management activities, user activities, as well as management of library content (searches, dashboards/reports, and folders) for your Sumo Logic account. With this information, along with the logs of events that occur in their account associated with account management, throttling, scheduled searches, and etc, provided by the Audit Index, customers can get more context on the interactions and events occurring within their account. This feature makes it useful for users who need to reconstruct the series of user interactions that led to an object’s current state.
  • Ingest Budgets
    At Sumo Logic, we believe that people need a solutions that is built for modern business. Controlling data ingest across a large organization can be a challenge. For example, a team may run a performance test which causes a spike in ingestion or a bug in a test environment may fill logs with errors. To help our customers deal with these unexpected surges, Ingest Budgets, we give our customers unprecedented capabilities to track and control how much data is ingested into Sumo Logic and avoid overages in their environments where ingestion can spike unexpectedly. Ingest Budgets protects our customers against these scenarios, safeguarding their account from costly mistakes.

As a company born and operating in the cloud, continuous innovation is in our DNA. We are continuing to listen to our customers to develop solutions that solve their current challenges and think of any new challenges they may face in the future. We will continue to help our customers see the value of using continuous intelligence to grow their business.

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Michael Marfise

Michael Marfise

VP, Product Management

Michael is the VP of Product & Program Management and is responsible for the Sumo Logic product roadmap and overall program execution. Michael has been at Sumo Logic since 2017. Prior to Sumo Logic, he has spent the last 25 years in Silicon Valley leading engineering, product strategy and product management for both private and public companies in the security and technology sector.

More posts by Michael Marfise.

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