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June 10, 2020 By Drew Horn

Continuous Intelligence for Atlassian tools and the DevSecOps Lifecycle (Part 1)

Implementing and operationalizing the best practices and capabilities of DevOps into an organization is a key predictor for increased customer satisfaction, organizational productivity and profitability. Doing so successfully can be a challenging endeavour. Implementing DevOps can be particularly difficult because it oftentimes requires technology changes, process changes and a drastic change in mindset. Overcoming all three of these obstacles in a way that knocks down traditional barriers across development and operations teams in each stage of the software delivery lifecycle raises the bar even further.

To help teams benchmark and optimize their ability to securely delivery high-quality code faster, Sumo Logic has launched our Continuous Intelligence solution for Atlassian tools, a solution that enables developers to leverage operational data across Atlassian products. This is the first offering from our Continuous Intelligence for Software Delivery Performance initiative, which is designed to provide modern businesses with end-to-end DevSecOps Observability solutions enabling real-time visibility into the release velocity, code quality, security and overall performance of both software development and delivery processes.

This article marks the first of three in a multi-part blog series that will explore how the Continuous Intelligence solution for Atlassian tools can be leveraged to gain actionable insights throughout the entire DevOps lifecycle. In today’s post, we will explore the planning and coding phases.

Planning and Sprinting

The earlier stages of software development and delivery are paramount in that without proper planning and sprinting processes, deliverables are not clearly articulated and workload is not accurately estimated. With proper planning in place, teams can leverage the Sumo Logic app for Jira Server and Cloud to get real-time insights and analytics into the progress of issues, bugs, stories and epics as they transition through workflows. The Sumo Logic solution for Atlassian tools allows for both high level and high fidelity analytics so individuals, managers and executives can take action to continuously improve organizational performance.

For example, the Jira Overview dashboard can provide a complete, organizational summary of issue statuses and trends for senior leadership:

At a lower level, product owners, engineering managers or developers can dive into the Issue Details dashboard and view insights into the time taken to close issues by project, types, and users. This makes it easy to identify issues, components, teams and initiatives that require the most attention.


The process of developing the application itself also requires strong collaboration. Agile teams self organize, resulting in variable approaches to building software. Combined with geographic disparities, as well as the added complexity of modern architectures such as microservices, serverless and containerization, it can be challenging to easily identify and improve the interactions between teammates during this process.

Sumo Logic’s Atlassian Solution solves this challenge by aggregating data from Bitbucket Cloud, making it easy to understand how teams can drive improvements to build better software faster.

Team and organizational-level insights related to issues, pull requests, builds and deploys can be quickly visualized in the Bitbucket Overview dashboard:

Developers or engineering leaders can also easily drill down into log-level detail from the Pull Requests dashboard to isolate and remediate bottlenecks. Identifying a developer that may be overloaded due to trending data or stuck on a code review can be visualized in seconds, allowing developers to work smarter:

In the next part of this series, we’ll be digging into the downstream CI/CD processes used to build, release and deploy code to production.

Also, stay tuned for future news on our Continuous Intelligence for Software Delivery Performance offerings!

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Drew Horn

Drew Horn

Director, Business Development, ISVs

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