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April 1, 2020 By John Coyle

Sumo Logic Announces Continuous Intelligence for Atlassian Tools

In today’s digital economy, the pressure to develop and release new software has become paramount to deliver great customer experiences and create a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the process by which to deliver this software is increasingly complex and highly fragmented across various tools and teams. While this complexity increases, there is also no easy way to centrally measure, monitor and secure the overall performance of the software delivery pipeline in real-time.

To help teams collaborate more effectively and securely release high-quality code faster, Sumo Logic is excited to announce Continuous Intelligence solution for Atlassian tools, a solution that enables developers to leverage operational data across Atlassian products. This is the first offering from our Continuous Intelligence for Software Delivery Performance initiative, which is designed to provide modern businesses with end-to-end DevSecOps Observability solutions enabling real-time visibility into the release velocity, code quality, and security of both software development and delivery processes. We’ll dive deeper into the Atlassian solution later, but first let’s discuss what led us to develop this offering.

Why is Software Delivery Performance Important?

We define software delivery performance as a measure of an organization’s ability to quickly deliver reliable and secure software. According to industry experts DevOps and Research Assessment (DORA), software delivery performance is a predictor for:

  • Increased organizational productivity and profit
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved team collaboration and culture
  • Healthier work/life balance and reductions in burnout

In fact, when comparing high-performing software delivery teams to low-performing teams, elite performers deploy code faster and more frequently to respond to software incidents (Source: State of DevOps Report 2019).

So what keeps teams from becoming elite performers?

The Software Delivery Intelligence Gap

The proliferation of tools and technologies that enable organizations to build compelling modern applications also creates complexities and challenges. These tools are often siloed in different parts of the development pipeline and only provide a limited view of the software delivery process. It’s difficult to aggregate this data from various sources and development teams and to then analyze that data in real-time to gain insights on successes and areas for improvement. This intelligence gap reduces developer productivity and limits the overall performance of a development organization. As the great Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” If we can’t properly measure how we’re delivering software today, how can we expect to improve how we do it in the future?

Addressing this gap is vital for organizations not only to improve the software delivery process itself but more importantly to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. The equation is simple - the companies that deliver new applications faster with higher quality ultimately gain a competitive advantage. Those that do not, will suffer.

Filling the Intelligence Gap

To help development organizations fill the development intelligence gap, we’re excited to launch our Continuous Intelligence solution for Atlassian tools. By leveraging data from multiple Atlassian products, the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™ enables development teams to benchmark their performance against the industry-leading DORA metrics in minutes and then drill down into the actionable insights driving those metrics to continuously improve their software delivery performance.

Insights are automatically derived from data emitted by Jira Software, Bitbucket Cloud and Opsgenie to give distributed teams full visibility across the entire software delivery pipeline, including development, QE, DevOps, SecOps, SREs, and executives. Users can automatically create issues in Jira Software or alerts in Opsgenie directly via Sumo Logic scheduled searches in order to optimize workflows and promote team collaboration. This deep, two-way integration gives organizations a single solution to monitor, troubleshoot and secure the delivery of apps powered by Atlassian.

The broader solution will also soon support additional popular development tools like Github, Jenkins, PagerDuty, CircleCI, JFrog and more.

Check out help docs to learn more about our new Continuous Intelligence solution for Atlassian tools.

Also, stay tuned for future news on our Continuous Intelligence for Software Delivery Performance offerings!



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John Coyle

John Coyle

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