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January 20, 2021 By Ruchi Ookalkar and Abhi Khanna

Dark theme is here

You asked, and we listened! We're excited to announce a dark theme mode for Dashboards (New)!

Dashboard (New) offers a host of new visualization types, like honeycombs, time series, combination graphs, maps and more. With customizable templated dashboards, observing your system is easier than ever before. Dark theme is designed to help you do all of these actions comfortably by reducing strain to your eyes in low light environments. So you can continue to monitor and troubleshoot your systems without hurting your eyes.

When designing dark mode we focused on three key areas:

  • Readability: When choosing colors, we wanted to minimize eye fatigue and use colors that offered enough contrast while being comfortable to the eyes. We applied this principle to all the text elements and all the graphical elements on the dashboard.

  • Reducing Cognitive Load: We wanted to help users get to the essential information as quickly as possible. We did this by using design elements such as color, font sizes, space and visual weight to make sure the correct elements on a dashboard stand out at any given time.

  • Data-Ink Ratio: We wanted the data to be the highlight of the dashboard. We focussed on muting the secondary elements and reducing whitespaces in the product to make sure users could see the information on dashboards clearly.

With the new theme you also get access to higher contrast custom color palettes, that will make your visualizations pop on every monitor. The color palettes are designed for your charting use cases based on the type of data you wish to display. The palettes support categorical, sequential and diverging in addition to an accessible color-blind friendly option.

You can enable the dark theme by accessing the options in the kebab menu on the top-right.

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Ruchi Ookalkar and Abhi Khanna

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