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August 7, 2018 By Nicole Cieslak

SnapSecChat: A DevSecOps Approach to Bug Bounties with Sumo Logic & HackerOne

Regardless of industry or size, all organizations need a solid security and vulnerability management plan. One of the best ways to harden your security posture is through penetration testing and inviting hackers to hit your environment to look for weak spots or holes in security. However, for today’s highly regulated, modern SaaS company, the traditional check-box compliance approach to pen testing is failing them because it’s slowing them down from innovating and scaling. That’s why Sumo Logic Chief Security Officer and his team have partnered with HackerOne to implement a modern bug bounty program that takes a DevSecOps approach. They’ve done this by building a collaborative community for developers, third-party auditors and hackers to interact and share information in an online portal that creates a transparent bug bounty program that uses compliance to strengthen security.

By pushing the boundaries and breaking things, it collectively makes us stronger, and it also gives our auditors a peek inside the kimono and more confidence in our overall security posture. It also moves the rigid audit process into the DevSecOps workflow for faster and more effective results.

To learn more about Sumo Logic’s modern bug bounty program, the benefits and overall positive impact it’s had on not just the security team, but all lines of the business, including external stakeholders like customers, partners and prospects, watch the latest SnapSecChat video series with Sumo Logic CSO, George Gerchow. And if you want to hear about the results of Sumo Logic’s four bounty challenge sprints, head on over to the HackerOne blog for more.

If you enjoyed this video, then be sure to stay tuned for another one coming to a website near you soon! And don’t forget to follow George on Twitter at @GeorgeGerchow, and use the hashtag #SnapSecChat to join the security conversation!

Stop by Sumo Logic’s booth (2009) at Black Hat this week Aug 8-9, 2018 at The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to chat with our experts and to learn more about our cloud security analytics and threat investigation capabilities. Happy hacking!

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Nicole Cieslak

Nicole Cieslak is the marketing communications manager at Sumo Logic and editor in chief of the Sumo Logic blog, responsible for sharing company news, research, partner/customer stories and other happenings with external stakeholders.

More posts by Nicole Cieslak.

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