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September 23, 2022 By Ramin Sayar

Digital experiences — Our second nature

Digital experiences — Our second nature - hero

I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon a significant milestone and celebration on September 20, 2022, in which I had the honor and privilege of representing our Sumo community to ring the Nasdaq bell to commence trading. It was a meaningful and emotional moment for me personally because it represented how far we’ve come to build a company, culture and community to enable and accelerate digital transformation for companies around the world.

While it also represented the second anniversary of our IPO, which I remain grateful for, I found myself thinking more about how much the world has changed in the last two years. I see the last two years as the time in which our daily lives became empowered by digital experiences — not just augmented by them. As a human community, we became dependent on them to eat, shop, execute our jobs, receive medical care, and obtain our primary educations — all of these being life-critical activities that went way beyond Internet surfing or binging on our favorite streaming entertainment services.

When I look back on all the technology market transitions I have experienced in my career in which software, as an enabler, went from data center applications to websites to e-commerce apps and then to digital services, the idea of how naturally it has become for me to reach for an app on my phone like I reach for a spoon to scoop ice cream is, frankly, astonishing. Digital experiences are now, arguably, our second nature. This realization brings home how essential cloud-native applications have become to drive these experiences and, thus, how essential Sumo Logic has become.

Our vision is to help make the world’s digital services reliable and secure — not because it’s a nice-to-have, but because people worldwide depend on these services to power their daily lives. Thousands of customers and users depend on Sumo Logic daily to ensure application reliability, secure and protect against modern threats and gain insights into cloud infrastructures. While digital experiences and services have become the fabric of our lives, so has Sumo become integral to the fabric of these cloud-native applications.

Working with our customers, partners, investors, and the digital transformation community, I am confident and humbled that we have the employees and culture to realize our mission of delivering the leading SaaS analytics platform for reliable and secure cloud-native applications. By realizing our mission, we will, in turn, see our vision become a reality.

A big, hearty thank you to all of our Sumo employees and their families, present and past, and our Sumo community for your dedication, collaboration, and, especially, perseverance in helping Sumo reach this important milestone. You are a shining example of our purpose — to empower the people who power modern, digital businesses so they, in turn, can continue empowering the daily lives of this generation and many more to come.

Finally, we’re always looking for smart, collaborative, and forward-thinking people to join our Sumo Logic team and be part of the movement to help make the world’s digital experiences reliable and secure. I invite you to check out our career page to learn more about our career opportunities.

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Ramin Sayar

Ramin Sayar

President & CEO

As CEO, Ramin brings 20 years of industry experience as a strategic and operating leader of both small and large organizations, and has a strong track record of developing innovative products in both emerging and mature markets. Ramin joined Sumo Logic from VMware where he formulated the strategy for and built the industry’s leading private cloud management products. The Cloud Management Business Unit became the fastest growing business within VMware, with nearly $1 billion in revenue during his nearly five-year tenure. Previously, Ramin held executive roles at leading enterprises, including Vice President of Products and Strategy at HP Software, Senior Director of Products at Mercury Software, Director of Products and Solutions at TIBCO, Product Line Marketing Manager at iPlanet Software, and Product Line Marketing Manager at Netscape. He also serves on the technology and executive boards of various startup companies. Ramin holds an MBA from San Jose State University and B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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