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May 23, 2022 By Melissa Beck

Former Navy serviceman now trains customers to be successful with Sumo Logic

John Merideth quote

Sumo Spotlight highlights Sumo Logic employees from around the globe. This spotlight features employee John Merideth, a technical trainer based in Bedford, NH.

What is your role at Sumo Logic?

I have been at Sumo Logic for a little over two years and am a technical trainer responsible for teaching customers classes and workshops. I also teach internal classes to our fellow Sumos. Additionally, I assist with course creation and spend my time reviewing new product changes and features.

What did you do before coming to Sumo Logic?

Before Sumo Logic, I worked as a trainer for Mendix, MicroStrategy, and Cognos/IBM. I have also worked as a Network Admin, Database Administrator, and IT Manager in New Hampshire and St. Louis, MO. Before that, I was in the US Navy stationed mostly out of San Diego, CA.

What is your team like?

Our larger team includes our instructional development team, which has a group of very talented course writers and developers, who also develop micro-lessons and content to support various learning styles. We also have our documentation development team, which updates our product documentation as new changes are implemented, as well as an operations and marketing team. This is an outstanding team that works together exceptionally well and is managed by our director, Stacy Kornluebke, who is probably the best leader I have seen throughout my long career.

John Merideth fun photos

Top: John’s kids and grandchildren, Bottom Left: the Sumo Logic training team, Bottom Right: John’s wife Susan

What do you like most about Sumo Logic’s culture?

The company culture at Sumo is the best I have ever seen. We talk and walk our company values each day. My favorite value is “Bring Light to Dark.” Many of my past companies would never look at areas that they need to improve or examine their faults. But for us, it is our responsibility to speak up and address these areas while looking at how we can positively improve them.

“Our people are what I believe is the most unique thing about working here. People will jump over the cubicle wall to help you in a heartbeat.”

What have been your biggest/proudest accomplishments while at Sumo Logic?

My proudest accomplishments include referring a former colleague to Sumo Logic who was then hired and being selected to represent my team at AWS re:Invent this year. I enjoy doing face-to-face workshops and it was great to see folks in person again!

Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

My entire team inspires me. They work very hard behind the scenes to ensure we help make our customers successful using Sumo Logic. Their diversity, positive outlook, and desire to help others inspire me.

What’s the most unique part about working at Sumo Logic?

I believe that our people are the most unique thing about working at Sumo Logic. People will jump over the cubicle wall to help you in a heartbeat. We are committed to helping our customers and ensuring they are successful using Sumo Logic.

Share one thing that people may not know about you.

While I am fairly transparent with my teammates, they know that I spent 20 years in the US Navy visiting foreign ports and am proud of my time in the Navy. It is what started my career in technology and helped to make me as successful as I am today. Many of them do not know that I am a big music fan. Some of my favorite artists include Harry Chapin, Journey, and a host of others.

John Merideth photos

What advice would you give your former self and others starting out in their career?

I have two pieces of advice, 1) never stop learning! Technology changes rapidly and it's important to keep up if you want to be successful. And 2) always have fun!

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Melissa Beck

Melissa Beck

Sr. Director of Global Communications

Melissa is a strategic communications professional with 20+ years of experience developing and scaling global communications and influencer programs. Currently, she leads global communications for Sumo Logic focusing on corporate thought leadership, customer advocacy, employee communications and social media. In addition, she runs Sumo Logic's Customer Advisory Board.

More posts by Melissa Beck.

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