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March 9, 2021 By Girish Bhat

Forrester TEI study: Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM delivers 166 percent ROI over 3 years and a payback of less than 3 months

We are seeing a renewed focus on accelerating digital transformation projects across business ecosystems and workflows within our customer base. These projects are enabling key business outcomes and this organizational transformation has given security and IT leaders the catalyst and opportunity to modernize security operations while eliminating on-premises debt. Throughout the current challenging environment, Sumo Logic has been helping customers with their digital transformation journey securing cloud-first, cloud migration, cloud rebuild projects, and app modernization efforts. Critical to our customers’ successes has been the adoption of cloud-native solutions such as Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM.

Forrester Consulting recently released the report Total Economic Impact™ of Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM which concluded that by using Sumo Logic’s cloud-native SIEM, the organizations enhanced the effectiveness of their SOC teams and improved their overall security posture with 166% ROI over 3 years and a 3-month payback.

Additionally, the Forrester Total Economic Impact study revealed additional benefits through implementation of Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM, including:

  • Decrease the risk of a security breach by significantly shrinking the security vulnerability window by 80%

  • Reduce false positives by 90%, improving success of threat hunting

  • Improve threat remediation, saving 4 hours per incident

  • Boost audit and compliance efficacy, shaving 6 weeks off the audit cycle

“Before using Sumo Logic, we had two or three security breaches per year, and now we don’t have any because we’re able to quickly assess threats and get in front of them before somebody has a chance to make a mistake.” - CISO

Customer Benefits with Cloud SIEM

Sumo Logic customers, many of whom are Global 500 organizations representing all major verticals (financial services, technology, media, government, education, healthcare, etc.) realize significant value from our Cloud SIEM, which is a cloud-native security operations solution that automatically analyzes and correlates threat alert data to help security teams to more efficiently discover and resolve meaningful threats.

Enhanced visibility across IT environment

Delivers context across users, networks, devices, alerts, cloud services and applications while prioritizing the information needed to speed response times.

Advanced and automated insights

Automatically groups related threat Signals into Insights, alleviating manual triage efforts. Our strengths in data ingest, collection, detection flexibility, and triaging of clustered signals/alerts as Insights is unparalleled.

Improved productivity

Automates the manual, repetitive validation tasks that limit efficiency, freeing analysts to make advancements in identifying new threats.

Modern security operations focused workflows

Enables analysts to perform high-value risk reduction activities like threat hunting, response, and remediation.

Unlimited cloud-native scalability

Supports growth with a cloud-native, open source and big data architecture. We economically collect & analyze all security relevant data by offering data tiers with choice and flexibility that drives cost savings and avoids surprise overages.

“Before it took hours to detect an issue. With Sumo Logic, we’ve shortened that to minutes - CISO”

Accelerate your security operations modernization with a cloud-native, high ROI Cloud SIEM

We alleviate modern security challenges with real-time analytics and insights from a single, cloud-native platform across multiple use cases that speeds decision-making and drives world-class customer experiences.

Our cloud-native solution supports the entire spectrum of security use cases—from logging compliance data, to monitoring and securing hybrid clouds, to delivering market-leading cloud Security Information Event Management (SIEM) capabilities.

Find Out How Sumo Logic Can Help You

No matter where you are on your security modernization journey, Sumo Logic can help you achieve your goals. Understand the economic benefits of our Cloud SIEM solution by downloading the Forrester TEI study.

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Girish Bhat

Girish Bhat

VP, Security, Platform Marketing and Competitive Intel

Girish has held leadership roles in Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, Product Management, Competitive and Market Intel, Product Marketing and Marketing at several startups (successful and failed) and brands such as Splunk, Cisco, MobileIron, NetScout.

He has been fortunate to have managed numerous Cloud, Analytics, Monitoring, Security, mobile, ML, virtualization, networking and Open Source solutions across the entire product, GTM and customer lifecycle.

More posts by Girish Bhat.

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