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September 6, 2016 By Kalyan Ramanathan

How Hudl and Cloud Cruiser use Sumo Logic Unified Logs and Metrics

We" class="redactor-autoparser-object"> launched the Sumo Logic Unified Logs and Metrics (ULM) solution a couple of weeks ago, and we already are seeing massive success and adoption of this solution. So how are how real-world customers using the Sumo Logic ULM product?

Today, we ran a webinar with a couple of our early ULM product customers and got an inside view into their processes, team makeup, and how ULM is changing the way they monitor and troubleshoot. The webinar was hosted by Ben Newton, Sumo Logic Product Manager extraordinaire for ULM, and featured two outstanding customer speakers: Ben Abrams, Lead DevOps Engineer, Cloud Cruiser, and Jon Dokulil, VP of Engineering, Hudl.

Ben and Jon both manage mission-critical AWS-based applications for their organizations and are tasked with ensuring excellent customer experience. Needless to say, they know application and infrastructure operations well.

In the webinar, Ben and Jon described their current approaches to operations (paraphrased below for readability and brevity):

Jon: Sumo Logic log analytics is a critical part of the day to day operations at Hudl. Hudl engineers use Sumo Dashboards to identify issues when they deploy apps; they also use Sumo Logic reports extensively to troubleshoot application and infrastructure performance issues.

Ben: Everything in our world starts with an alert. And before ULM, we had to use many systems to correlate the data. We use Sumo Logic extensively in the troubleshooting process.

Ben and Jon also described their reasons to consider Sumo Logic ULM:

Ben: Both logs and metrics tell critical parts of the machine data story and we want to see them together in one single pane of glass so that we can correlate the data better and faster and reduce our troubleshooting time. Sumo Logic ULM provides this view to us.

Jon: We have many tools serving the DevOps team, and the team needs to check many systems when things go wrong and not all team members are skilled in all tools. Having a single tool that can help diagnose problems is better, so consolidating across logs and metrics has provided us significant value.


ULM Dashboards at Hudl

Finally, the duo explains where they want to go with Sumo Logic ULM:

Ben: We would like to kill off our siloed metrics solution. We would also like to use AWS auto-scale policies to automate the remediation process, without human intervention.

Jon: We would like to provide full log and metrics visibility with the IT alerts so that the DevOps team can get full context and visibility to fix issues quickly.

All in all, this was a fantastic discussion and it validates why IT shops that are tasked with 100% performance SLA’s should consider Sumo Logic Unified Logs and Metrics solution. To hear the full story, check out the full webinar on-demand.
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Kalyan Ramanathan

Kalyan Ramanathan

Kalyan has more than 20 years of experience in software and marketing and brings a a deep understanding of the IT operations and management market.

Prior to Sumo Logic, Kalyan was the VP of Product Marketing at AppDynamics. He has also served as CMO at Crittercism, VP of Marketing at Electric Cloud and as Senior Director of Product Marketing at Opsware/HP.

Kalyan began his career at Intel and has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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