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December 1, 2020 By Frank Reno

Sumo Logic partners with AWS to monitor Amazon EKS Distro

Today Amazon announced Amazon EKS Distro, a distribution for Kubernetes based on and used by Amazon EKS. Amazon EKS Distro enables you to create secure and reliable Kubernetes clusters using the same versions of Kubernetes and its dependencies deployed by Amazon EKS. Each Amazon EKS Distro release follows the EKS process, verifying new Kubernetes versions for compatibility. The Amazon EKS Distro source code, open source tooling, binaries, and container images as well as configuration are provided for reproducible builds via public Git and S3 storage locations. With Amazon EKS Distro, Amazon provides extended support for Kubernetes versions after community support expires, providing updated builds of previous versions including the latest security patches. Even better, Amazon EKS Distro fully integrates with Sumo Logic’s Solution for Kubernetes.

While Kubernetes is inarguably the platform of choice for building modern applications and achieving multi-cloud, it is extremely complex and many organizations lack experience with the platform. The transition from a server-based architecture to a container-based architecture is non-trivial and introduces significant security and operational risks. Gartner emphasizes this change, stating that “the deployment of cloud-native applications shifts the focus to container-specific and service-oriented monitoring.” Unfortunately, most existing monitoring and security tools provide little or no visibility into Kubernetes, and their pricing plans — designed for server-based architectures — penalize the use of containers with hidden fees and complex licensing structures. That means most teams managing Kubernetes limp along with either open-source tools that are hard to scale, or legacy tools that handicap their efforts with minimal visibility.

Sumo Logic’s Kubernetes Observability Solution is an integrated solution to monitor, diagnose, troubleshoot, and secure Kubernetes applications. Our solution provides customers many benefits including:

  • Native integrations with best practice, open-source technologies for comprehensive data collection and enrichment for Kubernetes.
  • Out-of-the-box Kubernetes apps that provide immediate insights into all of your Kubernetes clusters no matter where they are running.
  • Intuitive entity driven navigation to reduce MTTI and MTTR of resolving any issues in your Kubernetes clusters.
  • Full support for OpenTelemetry and open source standards.
  • Top to bottom DevSecOps view you need – from your containers to your application
  • Native integrations with popular CI/CD and security tools

Sumo Logic fully integrates and supports the Amazon EKS Distro, ensuring customers have complete Observability of their Kubernetes clusters. Our solution gives you the discoverability you need to understand your Kubernetes deeply and with the context needed to navigate at the infrastructure and service and application level. The discoverability is powered by comprehensive observability, capturing all the critical signals from Kubernetes and enriching that data with complete metadata. We provide you with integrated security out of the box and through deep integrations with the wider Kubernetes ecosystem. Be sure to check out more details about our Kubernetes Observability Solution, watch a demo, and sign up for a 30-day free trial!

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Frank Reno

Frank Reno

Principal Product Manager

Frank Reno is a Principal Product Manager at Sumo Logic, where he leads Product for Data Collection. He also serves as Sumo Logic's Open Source Ambassador co-leading all efforts around Open Source. He is also an active contributor to Sumo Logic's open source solutions and the general open source community.

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