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May 30, 2018 By Brian Bozzello

Sumo Logic Partners with IP Intelligence Leader Neustar to Meet Growing Customer Needs at Scale

Customers are visiting your website, employees are logging into your systems and countless machines are talking to each other in an effort to deliver the perfect user experience. We’d like to believe that all of these individuals and machines are operating with the best of intentions, but how can we be so sure? One possible answer lies in the connecting device’s IP address and its respective physical location.

IP geolocation is the process of determining the location of a device based on its unique IP address. It not only requires knowledge about the physical location of the computer where the IP address is assigned, but also how the device is connecting (e.g., via anonymous proxy, mobile, cable, etc.). This challenge becomes further complicated in an increasingly digital world with proliferating devices and millions of connections being established across the globe daily.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Neustar, a leading IP intelligence provider, to deliver one of the most comprehensive and precise geolocation databases in the industry. As a Sumo Logic customer, you can now leverage Neustar’s 20+ years of experience gathering and delivering IP intelligence insights, all at no additional charge.

Precision Database + Weekly Updates = Higher Confidence Analytics

In the pre-cellphone era (remember that?), everyone had a landline which meant area codes were fairly accurate identifiers of an end-user location. I knew that 516 meant someone was calling from Long Island, New York, while 415 was likely coming from the San Francisco Bay Area. But the invention of the cellphone complicated this matter. I might be receiving a call from someone with a 516 number, but because the caller was using a “mobile” device, he or she could be located anywhere in the U.S.

IP addresses are like very complicated cellphone numbers — they can be registered in one place, used in another and then re-assigned to someone else without much notice. Keeping track of this is an enormous task.

And over time, malicious actors realized that they could take advantage of this to not only mask their true location, but create false security alerts to distract security teams from identifying and prioritizing legitimate high-risk threats. That’s why partnering with a leader like Neustar, that uses a global data collection network and a team of network geography network analysts, to update their IP GeoPoint database on a daily basis, is key. This accuracy allows security teams to have full visibility into their distributed, global IT environment and when there’s an attempt to compromise a user’s credentials within an application, they can quickly flag any anomalous activity and investigate suspicious logins immediately.

Proactive Geo Monitoring and Alerting in Sumo Logic

With Neustar’s IP GeoPoint database, you can rest assured that your geolocation results are more trustworthy and reliable than ever before. Using Sumo Logic, you can continue to take advantage of the proactive alerting and dashboarding capabilities to make sense of IP intelligence across your security and operational teams. For example, you’ll have a high confidence in your ability to:

  • Detect Suspicious Logins: alert on login attempts occurring outside of trusted regions.
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance: see where data is being sent to and downloaded from to keep information geographically isolated.
  • Analyze End-User Behavior: determine where your users are connecting from to better understand product adoption and inform advertising campaigns.

With real-time alerts, for example, you can receive an email or Slack notification if a login occurs outside of your regional offices:

Configure real-time alerts to get notified when a machine or user is appearing from outside of a specific region.

You can also use real-time dashboards to monitor the launch of a new feature, track customer behavior or gain visibility into AWS Console Logins from CloudTrail:

Using Sumo Logic’s Applications, you can install out-of-the-box dashboards for instant geographic visibility into AWS Console Logins, for example.

The Bigger Picture

Born in AWS, Sumo Logic has always held a cloud-first, security-by-design approach and our vision is to create a leading cloud security analytics platform to help our customers overcome the challenges of managing their security posture in the cloud.

There is a major gap in the available on-premises security tools for customers that not only need to manage security in the cloud, but also meet rigorous regulatory compliance standards, especially the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect last week on May 25, 2018. Geolocation is key for those needs which is why we’re thrilled to be rolling this out to our customers as part of a bigger strategy to provide visibility and security across the full application stack.

Learn More

Head over to Sumo Logic DocHub for more details on how to leverage the new database, then schedule some searches and create dashboards to take advantage of the enhanced IP geolocation.

Check out our latest press announcement to learn about the additional features and to our cloud security analytics solution, including intelligent investigation workflows, privacy and GDPR dashboards, and enhanced threat intelligence.

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Brian Bozzello

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