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February 17, 2017 By Mark Bloom

OneLogin Integrates with Sumo Logic for Enhanced Visibility and Threat Detection

OneLogin and Sumo Logic are thrilled to announce our new partnership and technology integration (app coming May 2017) between the two companies. We’re alike in many ways: we’re both cloud-first, our customers include both cloud natives and cloud migrators, and we are laser-focused on helping customers implement the best security with the least amount of effort. Today’s integration is a big step forward in making effortless security a reality.

What does this integration do?

OneLogin’s identity and access management solution allows for the easy enforcement of login policies across all their laptops, both Macs and Windows, SaaS applications, and SAML-enabled desktop applications.

This new partnership takes things a step further by making it possible to stream application authentication and access events to over 200 application-related events. This includes over 200 application-related events, including:

  • Who’s logged into which laptops — including stolen laptops
  • Who’s accessed which applications — e.g., a salesperson accessing a finance app
  • Who’s unsuccessfully logged in — indicating a potential attack in progress
  • Who’s recently changed their password — another potential indicator of an attack
  • Which users have lost their multi-factor authentication device — indicating a potential security weakness
  • Which users have been suspended — to confirm that a compromised account is inactive
  • User provision and de-provision activity – to track that users are removed from systems after leaving the company
  • And finally, which applications are the most popular and which might be underutilized, indicating potential areas of budget waste

These capabilities are critical for SecOps teams that need to centralize and correlate machine data across all applications. This, in turn, facilitates early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches, extends audit trails to device and application access, and provides a wider range of user activity monitoring.

Because OneLogin has over 4000 applications in our app catalog, and automatically discover new applications and add them to its catalog, we can help you extend visibility across a wide range of unsanctioned Shadow IT apps. The integration uses streaming, not polling. This means that events flow from OneLogin into Sumo as soon as they are generated, not after a polling interval. This lets you respond more quickly to attacks in progress.

How does the integration work?

Since both OneLogin and Sumo Logic are cloud-based, integrating the two is a simple one-screen setup. Once integration is complete, you can use Sumo Logic to query OneLogin events, as well as view the following charts:

Visitors heatmap by metro area. Suppose you don’t have any known users in Alaska — that anomaly is quite clear here, and you can investigate further.

Logins by country. Suppose you don’t have any known users in China; 80 potentially malicious logins are evident here.

Failed logins over time. If this number spikes, it could indicate a hacking attempt.

Top users by events. If one user has many events, it could indicate a compromised account that should be deactivated in OneLogin.

Events by app. If an app is utilized more than expected, it could indicate anomalous activity, such as large amounts of data downloads by an employee preparing to leave the company.

All this visibility helps customers better understand how security threats could have started within their company. This is especially helpful when it comes to phishing attacks, which, according to a recent report by Gartner, are “the most common targeted method of cyberattacks, and even typical, consumer-level phishing attacks can have a significant impact on security.”

Summing up: Better Threat Detection and Response

Sumo Logic’s vice president of business development, Randy Streu, sums it up well: “Combining OneLogin’s critical access and user behavior data with Sumo Logic’s advanced real-time security analytics solution provides unparalleled visibility and control for both Sumo Logic and OneLogin customers.”

This deep and wide visibility into laptop and application access helps SecOps teams uncover weak points within their security infrastructures so that they know exactly how to best secure data across users, applications, and devices.

Get started for free

Even better, OneLogin and Sumo Logic are each offering free versions of their respective products to each other’s customers to help you get started. The OneLogin for Sumo Logic Plan includes free single sign-on and directory integration, providing customers with secure access to Sumo Logic through SAML SSO and multi-factor authentication while eliminating the need for passwords.

Deep visibility. Incredibly simple integration. Free editions. We’re very pleased to offer all this to our customers. Click here to learn more.

*The Sumo Logic App for One Login, for out of the box visualizations and dash boarding will be available May 2017*

This blog was written by John Offenhartz who is the Lead Product Owner of all of OneLogin’s integration and development programs. John’s previous experiences cover over twenty years in Cloud-based Development and Product Management with such companies as Microsoft, Netscape, Oracle and SAP. John can be reached at

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