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October 1, 2015 By Manish Kalra

Operational Visibility for Amazon Web Services

AWS re:Invent 2015 is almost here and I’m looking forward to hearing how organizations of every size from (from small startups to global enterprises) continue to innovate and push to the next level with Amazon Web Services.

This modern way of managing and deploying resources allows every organization – big or small – to innovate, lead and break away from the pack. But to do this they need a partner that understands that innovation requires support.

As a platinum sponsor of AWS re:Invent I’m proud to say that Sumo Logic is the partner that every organization “migrating to” or “operating in” AWS needs. With Sumo, companies of any size get the real-time operational visibility they need to monitor the service delivery and performance of their AWS infrastructures, thus ensuring their services are available and performing at the highest level the business, its users, and customers expect.

This morning, our CEO and President Ramin Sayar published a post unveiling Sumo’s vision for the future of business intelligence based on the concept of continuous intelligence. With solutions we are launching next week, organizations will be able to leverage machine data analytics to gain operational visibility across their entire AWS infrastructure or application stack. This will give them the ability to operate and innovate in the cloud with security and confidence, where insights become opportunities to improve application performance and customer experiences.

But let’s be honest, we at Sumo are not willing to wait until next week to share how we can help you. So, here’s peek into what you can expect to see from us.

The Sumo Logic App for Amazon VPC Flow Logs

The Sumo Logic app for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Flow Logs allows you to process, analyze and visualize Amazon VPC Flow Logs, delivering deep visibility into network flows across their AWS infrastructure.

With the VPC Flow Logs app you can:

  • Understand network latency and failures
  • Monitor trending behaviors and traffic patterns
  • Generate network traffic alarms for observed anomalies and outliers

The Sumo Logic App for AWS Config

The new Sumo Logic app for AWS Config provides visualizations and detailed insights for resource inventory, configuration history and configuration change notification. The new dashboards are going to let every AWS administrator visualize core operational information.

With the new AWS Config app every AWS administrator can:

  • Monitor the modification of AWS resources
  • Analyze configuration trends
  • View relationships between AWS resources

(Note: While we are going to show this app next week, it won’t officially launch until the end of month.)

Sumo Logic Integration with Amazon Kinesis & Amazon CloudWatch Logs

By integrating with the Amazon Kinesis Connector Library, the new Sumo Logic Kinesis connector enables real-time Amazon Kinesis data streams to be ingested directly by the Sumo Logic cloud-native platform. This real-time ingestion enables customers to process and visualize incredible amounts of real-time data in seconds.

The connector enables:

  • A Java connector between Kinesis Streams and Sumo Logic
  • Scalable integration with CloudWatch Logs

You can grab the connector right now from GitHub.

This is just a small example of what we are delivering for you to succeed in AWS. Oh, by the way these three new offerings are incorporated in the Sumo Logic AWS-Native service. As soon as you sign up for our service, you have immediate access to these apps and connectors.

We have a lot planned for you, making AWS re:Invent 2015 an amazing place to be. I’m looking forward to hearing about the great things each and every one of you is doing. Come visit us and tell us about how you’re innovating and changing the world.

If you haven’t tried Sumo Logic yourself yet, sign up for our free trial and see how you can get immediate operational visibility into your AWS infrastructure. It’s free and you can get up and running in just a few minutes.

See you at the show!

PS: Oh yeah, one last thing. When you come visit us, don’t forget to bring a camera. We’re doing something amazing at out booth that your co-workers won’t believe unless you have proof.

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Manish Kalra

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