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December 7, 2020 By Sumo Logic

Pondering Dogs and Observability

Observability is arguably the tech buzzword of the year. Whether or not you believe the hype, observability is all about how to ensure overall system health and deliver reliable customer experiences. This is done by observing the system, and when a problem arises, using real-time analytics to quickly help identify the what, where, and why of the problem.

In this video, Sumo Logic co-founder and CTO Christian Beedgen takes a closer look at:

  • Why observability provides the best chance to understand today’s complex systems
  • The creation myth and magic three pillars - logs, metrics and tracing
  • Why fundamentally observability is about reliability

In addition, the video features a live demo of Sumo Logic’s end-to-end observability solution. Check out the full video below.

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