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February 22, 2022 By Michael Baldani and Carl Caum

Ship software faster by removing bottlenecks and keep work flowing

We know customers and users today demand new features to be frequently released to their favorite apps. Plus they expect any bugs or issues hindering a great user experience to be fixed—and fast. Here we're going to cover new capabilities built to help you keep up with the business by measuring how well your team works in small batches and identifying previously invisible cross-team dependencies in your development and delivery processes.

We also know organizations with engineering teams who are good at quickly delivering high-quality software are succeeding. Several years of research and reports by DORA prove this. And at a high level, yes, an organization measuring, managing, and improving on software delivery velocity and quality can be an elite performer.

Modern application development is done as microservices—with multiple teams producing code deployed more often, even continuously. The challenge, however, with multiple small teams trying to work towards a common goal, is a significant lack of visibility across and into each team, and the subsequent lack of control for the developer to identify and remediate potential blockages to shorten wait times and continue working.

Here at Sumo Logic, we want to empower developers, in the form of visibility across teams, pipelines, and services. Having this visibility allows you to understand how your work is flowing, but more importantly, where blockages such as broken builds, outages or stalled PR reviews are causing your work to idle, so you can take control by taking action to remove those blockages and keep coding.

Team level insights to keep your work flowing

Sumo Logic’s Software Development Optimization solution with the new development and delivery dashboard measures the time code spends to process in three areas—active development, review, and delivery. How it does that varies from the VCS tools you use, but again, the goal is to give you, the developer, the insight to see and fix issues potentially slowing down your work:

Now let’s take a look at the information that can help a developer see what’s going on across the development and delivery cycle:

The averages section on the dashboard gives you a quick view into how all the dev teams are developing, reviewing, and deploying code over a specific period.

Getting deeper into development team insights, the by team section provides a granular view into how each team is progressing. You can now see the time it takes for each team to develop, review and deploy software, and, more importantly, if one team is taking longer than others to complete their work, potentially slowing you down. As a developer, this empowers you to take action to communicate and alleviate a potential issue before it can impact your work

The weekly average lead time by team section lets you to see how the lead time for each team is trending over a specific period. If this lead time is trending up for one or more teams, then you know something they are working on could impact your team’s lead time as well. Having this visibility may prompt you to connect with the other teams to understand why this is happening and to address the issue such as large builds breaking, PRs sitting longer than usual, or tasks were not properly scoped.

These new capabilities built into Sumo Logic’s Software Development Optimization solution helps you keep up with the business by measuring how well your team works in small batches and identifying previously invisible cross-team dependencies in your development and delivery processes.

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Michael Baldani and Carl Caum

Product Marketing Manager | Senior Technical Product Manager

More posts by Michael Baldani and Carl Caum.

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