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March 14, 2022 By Jabari Norton

Sumo Logic all-in with AWS

Since our inception, Sumo Logic has been laser-focused on delivering real-time machine data analytics to accelerate digital transformation, while helping businesses effectively build, run, and secure their modern applications and infrastructure—in the cloud or in hybrid environments. As part of this, we made a strategic bet early on to go all-in on AWS monitoring to build deep integrations allowing us to adapt quickly and build rich functionality on top of our Continuous Intelligence Platform to address a broad set of use cases across observability, security analytics, compliance, Cloud SIEM, and more.

This decade-strong partnership led us to recently be named the AWS ISV Partner of the Year. This is a unique recognition among thousands of technology partners in the AWS ecosystem and reinforces Sumo Logic’s commitment to go above and beyond for our joint customers while driving innovation with AWS.

Sumo Logic team receiving AWS ISV Partner of the Year.

“The AWS ISV Partner of the Year Award is an opportunity for us to recognize the exceptional contributions of AWS Partners across the globe who strive to go above and beyond on behalf of our customers. By leaning into the AWS Partner Network (APN) and helping to drive deep partner innovation, Sumo Logic is delivering cloud-native machine data analytics to break down data silos across security and IT operations, delivering the real-time insights needed to accelerate digital transformation and power modern businesses and we congratulate them on this well-deserved recognition.”

Rachel Mushahwar, Director, North America Partners, AWS

How did Sumo Logic get to be AWS ISV Partner of the Year?

  • Commitment to cloud-native - customers investing in the cloud need SaaS services that deliver fast time-to-value while also being infinitely scalable and completely secure. Our cloud-native platform turns machine-generated big data—such as logs, metrics, and traces—into continuous intelligence to drive real-time business, security, and IT insights without the headaches of managing traditional IT infrastructure, middleware, software, and data.

  • Analytics to empower DevSecOps - Sumo Logic’s platform uniquely addresses the DevSecOps challenges and complexities of digital transformation, modern applications, and cloud migration by helping customers: ensure application reliability, manage and optimize multi-cloud infrastructure, and secure and protect against modern security threats.

Deep integrations with AWS help Sumo Logic offer out-of-the-box content for unified visibility of AWS services.

We are honored to be recognized as AWS’ ISV Partner of the Year and look forward to continuing to innovate together to architect the future.

To learn more about how Sumo Logic and AWS work together visit

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Jabari Norton

Jabari Norton

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