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August 22, 2016 By Lavanya Shastri

Sumo Logic App for Host Monitoring

Today, Sumo Logic is announcing a host monitoring app that provides comprehensive and native metrics visibility into a server and its resources.

Now, customers using Sumo Logic can get detailed host metrics, analyze these metrics and visualize them (overlayed with other host metrics and side by side with logs) to optimize application and infrastructure performance.

Sumo Logic App for Host Monitoring

CPU Dashboard in Host Metrics App

The Sumo Logic App for Host Metrics, helps you understand and correlate key metrics for monitoring your hosts (either Windows or Linux).

The table below lists out the key metrics you can monitor out of the box with Sumo Logic:

Key Host Metrics Visualized

Host Metrics
CPU User Time, System Time, Idle Time, Avg Load Time
Disk Disk Used, Bytes Available, Reads, Writes, Read Bytes, Write Bytes
Memory Total, Percentage Used, Total Free, Buffered and Cached
TCP Connections Inbound, Outbound, Listen, Established, Close Wait, Time Wait
Network In Packets, In Bytes, Out Packets, Out Bytes

As an example of how to use the Host Metrics app, let’s drill down into the CPU dashboard.

Host Metrics – CPU

CPU User Time Per Host

Overall Average CPU User Time

The CPU dashboard is structured to provide information at 2 levels of granularity:

  1. CPU metrics for an individual Host
  2. CPU metrics for the entire deployment

This side-by-side view helps you compare/evaluate the performance of a single host in the context of the entire deployment.

Panels for CPU user time and CPU system time help you understand where the CPU is spending most of its cycles. In most typical situations, user time is considerably higher, as that’s what’s going towards processing your applications. The system time is usually a much lower metric. An unusually high system time could indicate the kernel is over-busy executing system calls, such as I/O. On the other hand, an unusually high CPU user time could be an indication of inefficiency in the application code.

To learn more about your Host Metrics, check out from the App available in the preview tab in the Sumo Logic library.

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Lavanya Shastri

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