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March 30, 2020 By Bruno Kurtic

Work from home better with secure and reliable enterprise service

Today, we are facing an unprecedented situation. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everything we know -- our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life.

In these tough times, many organizations have resorted to mandatory remote working for employees so they can still be productive and safe. Saas productivity tools like Zoom, Slack, G-Suite and Office 365 became seemingly mandatory in this new distributed workplace. Enterprises are leveraging remote access, VPN, and SaaS solutions more than ever before but are now also challenged with the task of managing the reliability and security of these new services.

Observed trends and actions we’ve done at Sumo Logic

At Sumo Logic, we’ve seen our customers increase usage of their single sign-on solutions by nearly 50%. We’ve also seen a 215% increase in the number of customers viewing VPN-related dashboards. Overall, enterprise productivity suites, SSO, and VPN activity, all essential tools for facilitating remote workforce, are showing doubling in activity compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic.

VPN dashboard views by industry:

VPN ingest by industry:

At Sumo Logic, our situation is no different than that of our customers. We’re fully born in the cloud and use many of the same productivity tools our customers do. We have dashboards continuously monitoring our critical tools’ availability that give us an early warning about a degradation in service and ideally give us ample time to work in our contingent services.

Together with our internal Emergency Management Committee, we’ve created new IT processes that allow for full remote onboarding and offboarding, hardware allocation, and increased VPN usage.

Unique customer use cases with a remote workforce

Since the surge in remote workforces, our customers have come up with new and unique use cases where we can help out.

One multinational Fortune 1000 manufacturing company went fully remote, heavily leveraging its VPN system. We helped them create emergency dashboards to monitor key metrics and work status for their execs so they could provide remote support if their systems weren’t functioning. Sumo Logic’s customer success team helped them create these custom dashboards in less than 24 hours.

A medical supply company had to rapidly adjust to the new remote lifestyle which included deploying endpoint security to over 4,000 computers to ensure the latest software before the remote work mandate came into effect. Since then, they have custom dashboards and reports set up to monitor the security and performance of their VPN usage.

Work from home with Sumo Logic

As organizations shift to a remote workforce, we at Sumo Logic want to do our part to help monitor and secure your third-party applications. To this effect, we’re offering a 90-day free access to our app catalog that includes a suite of apps that provide visibility and management for your remote workforce with SSO, remote access, endpoint security and productivity SaaS apps in a Work from Home Solution.

Intuitive dashboards help you quickly understand key availability security aspects of your existing tools. Rich search, machine-learning, and analytics capabilities help you investigate tool usage, user behavior and the impacts of threats on your critical digital assets.

The bundled solution includes:

  • SSO - Auth0, Duo, Okta, One Login, Azure Active Directory
  • Remote Access - Cisco Meraki, zScaler Web Security
  • Endpoint Security - CrowdStrike Falcon, Carbon Black, Cylance
  • Productivity Apps - G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Slack

Learn more here.

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Bruno Kurtic

Bruno Kurtic

Founding Chief Strategy Officer

Bruno leads strategy and solutions for Sumo Logic, pioneering machine-learning technology to address growing volumes of machine data across enterprise networks. Before Sumo Logic, he served as Vice President of Product Management for SIEM and log management products at SenSage. Before joining SenSage, Bruno developed and implemented growth strategies for large high-tech clients at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He spent six years at webMethods, where he was a Product Group Director for two product lines, started the west coast engineering team and played a key role in the acquisition of Active Software Inc. Bruno also served at Andersen Consulting’s Center for Strategic Technology in Palo Alto and founded a software company that developed handwriting and voice recognition software. Bruno holds an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and B.A. in Quantitative Methods and Computer Science from University of St. Thomas, St.Paul, MN.

More posts by Bruno Kurtic.

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