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July 28, 2020 By ZeroFox

Sumo Logic and ZeroFOX Join Forces to Improve Visibility and Protect your Public Attack Surface

Today’s organizations have the challenge of managing several different applications and software within their technology stack. The more public-facing platforms an organization utilizes, the greater their public attack surface risks. Without proper protection, they and their community can become an easy target for malicious actors.

Organizations with an ever-expanding digital presence increasingly utilize cloud software solutions, automated operations processes, maverick branding, social outreach and customer engagement, and more. How does a security team manage this vast ‘digital footprint’ and ensure all stakeholders and assets are adequately secured?

Combining ZeroFOX’s omnichannel protection with Sumo Logic’s operational and business intelligence tools delivers a winning formula for managing and securing the complex technology stack and external exposures that modern organizations face. Here’s why...

Sync Data Across Applications With Robust Technology Integrations

Finding software solutions with out-of-the-box integration helps sync data together easily thus reducing the need for rekeying and multi-system management. With Sumo Logic, users can pull information from several different operational or security platforms into one consolidated dashboard for customized insights at-a-glance.

Having the ability to read and interpret data across the applications that matter most to your organization is a powerful tool. Identify the log data that’s critical for your team, and discover usual behavior. When anomalies occur outside the normal, your team can analyze it and act quickly if there’s an issue. Security teams that possess automated remediation and takedown capabilities have the power they need to act decisively upon malicious anomalies occurring within their public attack surface.

Using the power of ZeroFOX and Sumo Logic, security teams are given the tools necessary to identify data patterns and anomalies across disparate operational systems, as well as gain omnichannel visibility into public-facing applications that are prone to malicious activity.

Figure 1: The ZeroFOX Sumo Logic dashboard shows summarized alert activity across a number of vectors, including network, status, rules, and more.

Get Access to Real-Time Data with Continuous Monitoring

Busy security practitioners need accurate data available at their fingertips. Continuous monitoring facilitates fresh information every time a request is made—ensuring that security leaders are always making the best data-driven decisions.

Continuous monitoring is also critical to catching malicious activity before it becomes a major issue. Without the right tools, domain scams, for example, can go undetected and lead to a slew of phishing attacks and fraudulent activity that can put an organization’s reputation at risk. Even one day can make a difference in catching a domain scam in the works.

Operational intelligence software is futile without real-time, speedy insights. If a critical system experiences technical issues or applications are malfunctioning, operational intelligence systems need to identify the anomaly before it transforms into a greater problem. For instance, if accounts receivable isn’t fully connected with the credit card processor, operational intelligence software needs to identify the issue immediately before several transactions occur in error. The only way such software would identify an issue like this quickly is with real-time, continuous monitoring.

Utilize Automation and Managed Services for Risk Management

Your ability to successfully identify and rapidly resolve risks or anomalies on your public attack surface heavily depends on using the right tools. However, the amount of tools and applications a security team uses may stack up—causing an undue burden on those that have to manage them.

Managed services can be a big help when it comes to public attack surface protection. Selecting a managed service connects organizations to security resources (threat analysts, takedown specialists, etc.) they need to enforce safety within the public attack surface, without overspending time and energy.

With the amount of solutions on a security team’s tech stack, it’s impossible to manually monitor each software for potential problems on the rise. Utilizing solutions that provide automated alerts and triage services will save practitioners from unnoticed problems without sacrificing precious time in their day-to-day operations.

Figure 2: The ZeroFOX alerts dashboard. Alerts are generated and sent to a predetermined user when the platform identifies a possible threat to a protected entity.

Solve Modern Problems With Modern Solutions

Today’s technology stack spans a vast array of internal, cloud and public applications. Organizations are faced with the tough question of “what security tool do I use to protect my organization’s Facebook profile? Will this also work for my CRM system?” Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all solution, but there are solutions that make administering and using modern organizations’ enormous tech stack more manageable.

For more information on how to manage your security and data management needs with ZeroFOX and Sumo Logic, contact us here.

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