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March 20, 2017 By Sumo Logic

Struggling with Graphite Monitoring?

Graphite is a free, open-source systems-monitoring program that came to life as an internally developed tool created by Orbitz, the online pioneer in the travel fare aggregation space. The Graphite monitoring tool—specifically designed to monitor Orbitz’s systems—works with time-series data, handling three specific functions:
  • Listening for time-series data
  • Storing time-series data
  • Rendering graphs on demand
In 2008, Orbitz released the Graphite monitoring tool as open-source software, giving many small enterprises a straightforward resource that could help them monitor the performance of their computer systems. The lack of upfront costs was attractive, and the tool offered a good-enough solution for the simple monitoring needs of small groups. However, most companies that have relied on Graphite for their mission-critical resource monitoring have come to recognize the significant challenges that come along with this free software. Limited extensibility, lack of support, and difficulty of customization (to name a few) are familiar woes to the software’s regular users. As companies grow and IT environments scale up, Graphite system monitoring struggles to manage the increased complexity. This results in some regular headaches, inefficiencies, and ultimately, extra costs. Thus, as you grow your business and scale up your systems resources, a proprietary and purpose-built monitoring platform like Sumo Logic will be better suited to your Graphite monitoring needs. In our solutions brief, we explain five major reasons to consider switching to the Sumo Logic platform. These include limitations that you have likely encountered with the Graphite monitoring system, but that a proprietary tool can handle more readily. They also include some monitoring enhancements that you might not have considered, which can save you time and money in your day-to-day operations.
  1. Don’t just focus on metrics – ingest, correlate, and analyze all your logs and metrics to troubleshoot application issues faster
  2. Fully hosted service dramatically reduces your TCO.
  3. Integrated real-time alerting
  4. Performance at scale
  5. Secure service
Download this PDF to learn how you can overcome the Graphite monitoring tool’s challenges and work more efficiently with a purpose-built platform.

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