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New EMA report addresses the gap between security and compliance

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) report Using compliance budget to advance security priorities (May 2022) addresses the need to remove the silos between compliance and security.

Legacy security analytics solutions are failing to provide the insights organizations need to effectively manage security and compliance in the cloud. Maintaining compliance when handling thousands upon thousands of log messages with potentially sensitive data, is a monumental task. Organizations that are creating and moving applications, infrastructure and workloads to the cloud need a cloud-native solution to tightly manage security and compliance.

  • 58% say it is very important that tools used to address DATA PRIVACY are also used to address SECURITY CONCERNS

  • 67% say data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, or CHANGING DATA CONTROLS are the biggest compliance challenges

  • 40% of respondents have suspended or postponed IT security projects to address compliance issues

“Security and compliance go hand in hand, but often when budgets are allocated one team gets a heavier share of the pot,” said Christopher M. Steffen, CISSP, CISA, Managing Research Director, EMA. “Because compliance controls or regulations are supported by security, and security solutions are dictated by compliance requirements, budgets should reflect their equal importance.”

Get your complimentary copy today to understand the need for tool consolidation, the impact of complexity in managing hybrid environments and expanding regulatory controls in advancing security priorities.

All data from “Using Compliance Budget to Advance Security Priorities” May 2022, EMA Research Report by Christopher M. Steffen, Managing Research Director Compliance solutions & data privacy.

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