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“By linking the company’s internal authentication system, Sumo Logic can be used for centralized management of authorizations and rights.”



  • Minato, Tokyo


  • 1,693 employees

Gree implements Sumo Logic for flexible log viewing rights management and scalable monitoring

  • Challenge


    Monitoring to support products such as mobile social games and service quality. As the organization has diversified and expanded, log viewing and rights can no longer be managed at the organizational level, but must be made stricter and assigned by product staff. At the same time, a large scale transition to the cloud made it necessary to ensure that the monitoring system, such as the log management and scalability, analysis functions, etc., be compatible with the cloud environment.

  • Solution


    With its enterprise-focused security functions, good compatibility with the cloud environment, and high-level analysis functions, Sumo Logic was adopted. All of the AWS account Cloud-Trail logs are collected, and only the absolute minimum of logs, such as error logs for error cause investigations, are stored. By using the Role-Based Access Control function, linkage to the company’s internal authentication system and the authorization approval application flow were also implemented.

  • Results


    A flexible authorization system, independent of the organizational structure became possible, allowing only involved staff to view logs. Thanks to Sumo Logic’s SaaS-based flexibility, work such as capacity planning for the log receivers was no longer necessary, and the operation system could be adapted to the cloud environment. Sumo Logic’s functions such as LogReduce® and Live Tail created an infrastructure that allows for efficient management, analysis and utilization of the logs.

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