Medallia Leverages LogReduce for Real-Time App Monitoring and Business Insights



Medallia, the global leader in SaaS Customer Experience Management solutions, uses advanced analytics from Sumo Logic to power its advanced platform. Medallia uses Sumo Logic to:

  • Ensure peak performance and availability of the platform
  • Aggregate and centralize data across a distributed infrastructure
  • Generate business insights from machine data
  • View real-time dashboards to discover infrastructure issues
  • Analyze data patterns generated by LogReduce

As a fellow cloud-based SaaS provider, Medallia is a perfect fit for Sumo Logic. Services that are built for the cloud are designed to scale up and down with ease, making it the right fit for any size enterprise.

“By enabling us to extract valuable and real-time insight out of our fast growing machine data, Sumo Logic has become the infrastructure and applications management cockpit for our operations team,” said Karl Armani, senior director of infrastructure and operations at Medallia.

“The rich analytics and data visualization capabilities, combined with a minimal overhead SaaS model, made Sumo Logic the perfect match for Medallia’s SaaS platform.”

Medallia sees amazing value from Sumo Logic’s cloud-native platform and the ability to condense thousands of logs (and plenty of noise) into meaningful business insights. Medallia deployed over a dozen dashboard monitors to track insights along key metrics:

  • Availability and uptime of the application
  • Application performance characteristics
  • Overall quality

Sumo Logic also powers troubleshooting and diagnostics that help organizations proactively detect and resolve problems instead of waiting for them to occur. As a result of deploying Sumo Logic, Medallia users no longer have to log into each set of machines to understand what’s happening across the entire platform. What previously requires hours to investigate now takes mere minutes.

“With Sumo Logic, customers can optimize their applications for peak performance and availability. This is made possible by analytics that quickly uncover hidden root causes of failures across all layers of the stack,” says Vance Loiselle, chief executive officer, Sumo Logic. “Our platform’s ability to integrate machine learning with human knowledge enables organizations, like Medallia, to deliver instant insight from massive data sets and keep critical resources focused on high value activities.”