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Aws security overview


Modernizing Security to build trust and mitigate risks

Multi cloud 2 color icon

Inability to monitor, secure multi-cloud and on-premises assets and applications

Alerts 2 color icon

Constrained by siloed legacy security tools that create too many false positives, and alerts that lack meaningful insights

Full aws visibility 2 color icon

Poor visibility into risky users and malicious activities that negatively impact business and brand

Detect insider threats faster 2 color icon

Need to quickly detect and respond to the higher-priority issues

The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM solution

The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM is a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Threat Protection solution that reduces security blind spots with comprehensive visibility across multi-cloud and on-premises to identify issues before they become incidents, enhance security posture, and improve customer’s risk profile. The solution provides:

  • Unified security visibility for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures
  • Integrated Threat Intelligence that helps accelerate threat detection
  • Reduced time and effort to meet audits for regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA, etc.
  • Security Analytics on user activities
  • Out of the box integration with key Amazon Web Services services and other cloud services

Cloud ecosytem 2 color icon

Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud Coverage

Complete cloud coverage that unifies security analytics and investigations across AWS, other cloud data, and on-premises data

Get valuable security insights 2 color icon

Deep Security Insights

Machine learning-driven detection, threat intelligence driven correlation, and deep search-based investigation

Compliance 2 color icon 2

Rapid Compliance

Pre-built reports that provide granular visibility to reduce the time and effort to meet audits for regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA

Flexible pricing 2 color icon

Easy to use and low TCO

Cloud-native, elastic scaling and flexible cloud licensing model provide unparalleled ease of use and low TCO

Sumo Logic on AWS

Meets your organization’s needs for modern cloud security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The solution is built on Sumo Logic’s cloud Security Intelligence platform and leverages multiple AWS security services. It provides deep insights to eliminate security blind spots across multi-cloud and hybrid environments and identify issues before they become incidents, enhance the security posture, and reduce an organization’s risk profile.

Detect 2 color icon

Real-time threat detection

Applies advanced machine learning algorithms to accelerate threat detection and investigation at cloud scale. It identifies threats in real time helping with quick response. You can enforce security configurations and monitor for any drifts across your cloud environments.

World class security 2 color icon

Built with security-first principle

Our strong commitment to data security is validated by the platform’s third-party compliance attestations and certifications, including PCI DSS 3.2.1 Service Provider Level 1 attestation of compliance, SOC 2 Type 2 Audit Report, HIPAA Security Rule Attestation of Compliance, ISO 27001 Certification, and CSA STAR Level 2 Certification.

Alert and notify 2 color icon

Automated prioritization and alert triage

Insights are generated by the Adaptive Signal Clustering (ASC) engine using principles modeled on the actions of world-class SOC analysts to group related Signals worthy of human review. This provides analysts with the identification and context of a significant issue and its movements, including multiple low-severity Signals that often go undetected.

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