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Cloud SIEM with SOC analytics and automation

Cloud SIEM with SOC analytics and automation

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise provides security analysts with enhanced visibility to seamlessly monitor their on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures and thoroughly understand the impact and context of an attack. In addition to supporting a wide spectrum of security use cases, including compliance, Sumo Logic fuses analytics and automation to perform security analyst workflows and automatically triage alerts—increasing human efficiencies and enabling analysts to focus on higher-value security functions.

Security operations must change

Enterprise security teams average thousands of alerts every single day, but 93% admit they can’t get to them all. This has led to multiple challenges for SOCs (security operations centers) and organizations with only a handful of security experts on staff.

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Cloud transformation

Cloud migration spending is growing at six times the pace of general IT spending. 3 out of 4 security teams agree their cloud infrastructures generate more security alerts than similar on-prem environments. Legacy security tools and SIEMs weren’t built for this cloud transformation and have resulted in more threat visibility gaps than ever before.

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Threat landscape

Migrating apps to the cloud have shifted the threat landscape and created an explosion of attack surface. In fact, 67% of security professionals said their increase in the number of security alerts stems from new and evolving threats, while 55% blame the increase in their cloud infrastructure.

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Alert fatigue

83% of security teams report their staff experience alert fatigue and 75% determine they’d need to hire three or more analysts to conquer all their daily alerts. But facing an ongoing resource and cybersecurity skills shortage means you can’t hire enough people to address and manually triage all of those alerts.

Modernize your security operations with a Cloud SIEM

Organizations need a modern SaaS-delivered SIEM to secure their cloud journey, match the changing attack surface, and bring innovation back to the SOC.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Enterprise SIEM solutions must scale in order to meet data ingestion needs and on-prem SIEM deployments are often under- or over-provisioned. Cloud-based or cloud-hosted SIEM tools are often simple migrations of an on-prem SIEM application’s code with a few modifications. The resulting product doesn’t support the full capabilities of a true cloud-native architecture.

In contrast, Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise is delivered via Sumo Logic’s secure, cloud-native, multi-tenant platform. It provides elastic scalability for all of your on-prem, multi-cloud, and hybrid data sources and automatically scales to collect and analyze data during peak ingestion and bursting periods. As a cloud-neutral SIEM solution, Sumo Logic offers flexibility and freedom for customers to bring in their data, wherever it lives, without fear of vendor lock-in.

Cloud-Native Architecture
Automated Security Operations

Automated Security Operations

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise applies automation to perform actual security analyst workflows. By automating the analysis and triaging of alerts from millions to billions of normalized records per day to just a handful of actionable Insights, we’re eliminating the noise and improving human efficiencies in your SOC. Instead of delivering thousands of daily security alerts or so-called notable events for your team to manually sift through, Sumo Logic goes a step further. Our Cloud SIEM Enterprise solution automates many of the core analysis steps linking actions in a threat model by looking back at weeks of critical incidents or potential cyber attack activities using our included out-of-the-box content. We also automatically enrich our Insights with additional data sourced from network traffic, user information, and third party threat feeds to provide analysts with greater context as they investigate and respond to incidents.

Modern Analyst Experience

Modern Analyst Experience

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise delivers streamlined security analyst workflows with a highly-tuned, modern user interface that is built by analysts for analysts. Coupled with event management for team collaboration, the system enables your analysts to focus attention on the threats that matter most while they intuitively verify alerts and investigate incidents. Cloud SIEM Enterprise parses, maps, and creates normalized records upon ingestion from your structured and unstructured data, giving analysts full access to rapidly drill down into a record during threat investigations without needing to learn a query language. Analysts can also perform powerful full text searches against all of their non-normalized data using Sumo Logic’s platform. This is especially useful when you need to acquire deeper context on what else a particular user, entity, application, or process is doing across your enterprise and cloud environments.

Use cases

Here are five specific situations where customers are applying Cloud SIEM Enterprise to modernize their security operations.

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Correlation-based threat detection

Automating the analysis and correlation of threats across all alerts and related events, without sampling, to surface actual critical incidents that require your immediate attention

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Automated analyst workflows

Expediting analyst workflows by automating data collection, correlation, and alert prioritization to support investigations with robust search capabilities and connectivity to your existing response platforms (e.g., Demisto, ServiceNow)

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SOC expertise to complement your team

Using our security experts to help support and train your existing staff, or be an extension of your SecOps team while we continually assess your data for the latest advanced attacks and emerging threats

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User and network threat monitoring

Correlating data across users, entities, and network provides additional context for your analysts’ investigations while deep packet inspection yields visibility into your network traffic (and AWS via VPC traffic mirroring with our network sensor)

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Threat hunting

Leveraging Cloud SIEM Enterprise as a fully-managed data lake with unencumbered search access for your security team’s threat hunting, or your data science team’s fact-finding activities

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