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AWS Observability Solution for Sumo Logic

View your entire AWS environment in a single pane of glass

Seamlessly detect anomalies and events of interest correlated with application incidents

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Eliminate data silos with AWS Observability

Sumo Logic’s AWS Observability Solution pulls in data across key AWS services (EC2, ECS, RDS, ElastiCache, API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, Application ELB, Network ELB, SNS and SQS) and all your accounts to give a unified view of AWS environments. Easily navigate from overview dashboards into account, region, availability zone, or service specific views. Intuitive navigation ensures teams can quickly resolve issues, minimize downtime, and improve system availability.

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Accelerate time to value with automated collection

Sumo Logic automates the collection of AWS telemetry including AWS services added after setup. Using AWS Cloud Formation, data collection is provisioned to pull CloudWatch logs and metrics, and CloudTrail logs into Sumo Logic. When data reaches Sumo Logic, it is enriched with value metadata enabling intuitive hierarchical navigation and seamless pivots from metrics to related log data.


Speed issue resolution with Root Cause Explorer

The Sumo Logic Root Cause Explorer makes it easy to visualize anomalous events of interest across multiple AWS services to quickly identify the root cause of application incidents. Sumo Logic establishes an activity baseline and surfaces only high deviation events of interest. Cut down issue resolution time with seamless visibility into impacted services.