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Cloud SIEM

Modernize security operations using a Cloud SIEM

Secure your cloud journey, match the changing attack surface, and bring innovation to your SOC

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Sumo Logic
Cloud SIEM solution

Sumo Logic empowers SOC teams to modernize security operations by automatically surfacing actionable insights using a single, intuitive, and collaborative cloud-native platform.

Cloud architecture Uncover and investigate insights Threat visibility Single platform
Cloud-native architecture

Cloud-native architecture

Sumo Logic makes it fast and easy to manage the security of an organization’s digital transformation projects—from cloud migration and app innovation to infrastructure redesign and anything in between.

Correlation-based detection

Correlation-based detection

Sumo Logic provides a comprehensive approach for automatically uncovering activity that can indicate an early stage attack by identifying spikes and anomalies based on your organization’s baseline of historical data.

Unrestricted by the processing power of on-premises hardware, our cloud-native solution automates your alert triage process and efficiently analyzes all Records in order to surface Insights for your analysts to immediately investigate.

Real-time threat visibility

Real-time threat visibility

Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM solution provides real-time threat visibility across your organization’s on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments giving you a holistic view of your security posture across your distributed locations, employees, and operations.

Multi-use, single platform

Multi-use, single platform

Sumo Logic helps you mitigate the overload of tools by allowing you to use a single platform that analyzes and correlates threats across your on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments. Serving your many security requirements, the platform provides comprehensive capabilities to meet your needs for log management, metrics, SIEM, endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection and response (NDR), threat intelligence, and alert triage.

Effective security operations teams rely on a strong security stack

Modern SOCs invest in security-focused tools to optimize processes from threat detection to event prioritization and response efforts.

Digital transformation 2 color icon

Enabling digital transformation

As organizations embrace digital transformation to advance their business, SOC teams need to securely enable these initiatives.

Alerts 2 color icon

Evolving strategies for expanding attack surfaces

Security teams need real-time and prioritized visibility into the organization’s security posture that enables quick actions to detect and respond to attacks as they occur.

Distributed virtual operations 2 color icon

Managing distributed and virtual operations

With business operations spread across locations, geographies, and remote employees, the concept of solely securing the traditional “perimeter” no longer exists. Sumo Logic enables you to cohesively search and alert across diverse data sources.

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Navigating complexity due to technology proliferation

The high volume of individual tools creates complex security environments that diminish efficiency and introduces challenges to modernizing security operations. By consolidating multiple security tools under one Security Intelligence umbrella, Sumo Logic makes it easier to manage these challenges.

Key factors that enable SOC teams to modernize operations

Detect insider threats faster 2 color icon

Proactive threat hunting

Comprehensive visibility into applications and data assets provides analysts with automated insights to see the highest priority threats that require attention.

Get valuable security insights 2 color icon

Integrated incident response

Serving many security requirements, the platform provides comprehensive capabilities to meet SOC needs for log management, metrics, SIEM, endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection and response (NDR), threat intelligence, and alert triage.

Analytics 2 color icon

Automated analysis and threat correlation

Focused analytics provide meaningful insights to accelerate and streamline security processes, ensuring mature governance with predictable, consistent security workflows and actions.

Unified platform 2 color icon

SecOps and Observability

Utilizing a cohesive single platform enables organizations to mitigate the overload of tools by analyzing and correlating threats across on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

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