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Ensure app reliability

Improve your digital experiences by improving your release cycles and app quality.

Ensure application reliability with modern cloud-native monitoring and observability

Improve digital experiences

Modernize applications and architectures

Improve application release cycles and quality

Infrastructure Monitoring

Reduce downtime and solve customer-impacting issues faster with an integrated observability platform for all application data.

"Sumo Logic has brought order, standards, and visibility to what had been a very haphazard approach to dealing with our massive amounts of machine data."

Dan Jackson, Principal Architect

Log Analytics

Break down silos with a modern log management solution to improve monitoring and troubleshooting, increase security posture and gain key insights.

"Now, our entire development team has real-time access and can get instant visibility into what’s going on within our environment at any time."

Michael Ridgway, Director of Engineering

"Sumo Logic...supports all of our many data types and use cases—from optimizing our software delivery to monitoring the security of our empowers our engineers with the information they need."

Maryna Veremenko

Engineering Manager, Grammarly

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Proven results.

Application Observability

Enrich and analyze traces, logs, and metrics in real-time with automatically generated application topology.

"Sumo is a wonderful tool that we leverage so that we achieve very clear observability and also strengthen our system from a security point of view."

Chien-Liang Chou, Executive Vice President of Engineering

Cloud Infrastructure Security

Stay ahead of your changing attack surface with increased threat visibility and deep security context from use-case-driven queries, dashboards and alerts.

"We were very impressed by how simple and easy Sumo Logic’s user interface was to understand compared to its competitors’ solutions."

Keita Kiyatake, Cyber Security Analyst

Accelerate application modernization

Deploy features fast and easily navigate the complexities of modern application stacks.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Uncover bottlenecks with visibility into tools your teams already love.

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