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Platform Security

What Pendo Collects

Sumo Logic uses Pendo to provide in-product walkthroughs and anonymously analyze user behavior such as page views and clicks. This data is used to inform user research and improve the overall experience of the Sumo Logic platform. There are three types of data that Pendo receives from Sumo Logic:

  1. Metadata – Metadata that is explicitly provided to Pendo by Sumo Logic when a user logs into the Sumo Logic application. This includes user and account information such as:
    1. 16-digit user ID and user email
    2. 16-digit account ID and account name
    3. IP address and geolocation
    4. Server Name
    5. Browser name, version
  2. Page Load Data – Data that is captured by Pendo as pages as users navigate to various parts of the web application. This includes root paths of URLs and page titles, however, Pendo does not collect any input parameters sent via URL. For example:
    3. http://*/ui#!/collection/collection
  3. Event Data– Data that is captured by Pendo as users interact with the Sumo Logic application. Specifically, this includes click and focus events. For example:
    1. Clicking the “Search” button
    2. Clicking inside of a text box
    3. Tabbing into a text box

Pendo explicitly does not:

  • Record the screen
  • Do any sort of screen-scraping
  • Capture anything entered into any input field

To prevent Sumo from sending your data to Pendo, please send an email to with your account name.