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April 20, 2022 By Sumo Logic

Committed to Open Source - Sumo Logic Simplifies Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Deployments

Introduces the Sensu Integration Catalog – an open marketplace featuring turn-key integrations to accelerate deployments

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – April 21, 2022 – Sumo Logic (NASDAQ: SUMO), the SaaS analytics platform to enable reliable and secure cloud-native applications, today announced a new open source offering, the Sensu Integration Catalog. Available today on GitHub, the Integration Catalog is an open, self-service marketplace featuring over 40 turn-key integrations. Built to speed production-ready infrastructure and application monitoring, the Sensu Integration Catalog is a showcase of its commitment to the open source community and calls on developers to contribute.

“The Sensu Integration Catalog is a game-changing offering for new and existing Sensu Go users in organizations of all sizes. Adding a marketplace UX for Sensu lowers the barrier of entry by providing self-service access to infrastructure and application monitoring,” said Caleb Hailey, Senior Director of Product Management at Sumo Logic. “I'm even more pleased that we're not only launching an integration marketplace for Sensu — we managed to do it without compromising on our commitment to open source software. I'm excited to see what the Sensu Community does with an open marketplace and low-code development platform."

Read the blog: Unlocking self-service monitoring with the Sensu Integration Catalog

The Sensu Integration Catalog takes the guesswork out of deploying infrastructure and application monitoring with automated data collection of metrics and events. This reduces infrastructure monitoring maintenance and overhead by reducing the need for complex third-party configuration management, or constant modification of monitoring agent configuration files. In addition, enterprise users with proprietary applications and heightened security protocols can develop and maintain private collections of integrations in custom catalogs.

The Sensu Integration Catalog builds on its monitoring-as-code solution by adding an open marketplace and low-code development platform for infrastructure and application monitoring integrations. The Sensu Integration Catalog is made up of three key components:

  • Open source integration content. 100% of the Sensu Integration Catalog contents, including both commercially supported and community-supported integrations, are available on GitHub for users to clone, fork and contribute. New integrations with customized user prompts can be added with as little code as two YAML files and a README.
  • Open source integration API generator: The Sensu Integration Catalog API is a CLI tool that converts low-code integration definitions into static API content that can be hosted on any HTTP web service. It supports reproducible builds and a local development server for contributing new integrations.
  • In-app integration marketplace: This is a flagship feature of the Sensu Integration Catalog allowing users to browse and deploy turn-key monitoring integrations with the push of a button.

Developers: Learn how to unlock true self-service enterprise monitoring with custom integrations and private catalogs. Register for the on-demand webinar, available on April 28.

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