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December 2, 2014 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Converges Firehose of Data Streams to Make Them Useful

At the Intersection of Big Data and DevOps, Sumo Logic Articulates Vision of a Utility Model for Data Insights That Serves as Backbone for the Cloud Economy

REDWOOD CITY, CA – December 2, 2014 – There’s no turning back the rise of the cloud or the revolutionary software-defined technology stack emerging fast to deliver more scalable and reliable applications and services across the private and public cloud. But to fully flourish, the cloud economy requires a corresponding modernization of its technological backbone and must shift from the legacy condition of fragmented data sets to a centralized utility model for data insights, says Ramin Sayar, incoming CEO of Sumo Logic. Otherwise, instead of delivering on their promise, big data and DevOps technologies could become a big mess with far reaching implications for the health and security of businesses and institutions across all sectors. “Just as progress in the industrial age experienced explosive growth with the advent of the modern power grid, the evolution of the cloud era will go into hyper-drive when consolidation of data streams into a centralized, cloud-based ‘processing plant’ goes mainstream,” says Sayar. “The traditional mechanisms for deriving insights from data are not built to sustain real-time visibility at scale, and intermediate solutions jury-rigged for the cloud fail to provide a unified view or be cost-effective. If the status quo remains, data bloat will slow the rate of progress in the cloud economy, because it will become impossible for anyone to glean real operational, business, compliance or security insights from the mountains of machine, transactional and customer data to take actions that improve outcomes.” It is a truism today that everything generates data—constant real-time streams are emitted by applications, devices and sensors—and that this data volume will only continue to explode. In fact, more than 2.5 exabytes of data are already being generated daily1 . The death of monolithic applications and rise of microservices is compounding the problem by producing huge, fresh streams of data that are growing exponentially. Further, a rich ecosystem of highly specialized monitoring, reporting, instrumentation and automation applications is growing, each of which in turn creates additional data streams. “The Internet of Too Many Things is a real risk: too much of a good thing can indeed amount to a bad thing if you’re not properly equipped to handle it,” Sayar notes. “As the enterprise shifts toward web speed and scale, DevOps patterns are accelerating the development and deployment of new applications and services," said Barry Crist, CEO of Chef. “Sumo Logic helps users increase time to value by improving the troubleshooting and remediation processes that are key collaboration points in DevOps strategies. Together, we're enabling Chef customers to easily adopt DevOps practices and turbo-charge application cycle times.”

Utility-based Service Model for Cloud Analytics Transforms Data Stream Tsunami Into an Indispensable Business Asset

In contrast to legacy implementations of analytics software, the cloud utility model not only can consolidate data streams with extreme volume, velocity and variety, but also can enable pricing model that reflects real usage and value of data streams, making “pay-for-what-you-use” and rapid time to value of possible. As the next-generation machine data intelligence company, Sumo Logic built a cloud platform that enables enterprises to extract unparalleled business value from the innumerable unstructured and structured data streams, increasing operational excellence, efficiency and security. Unlike anything on the market, it is purpose-built to be delivered as a true cloud service and makes the vision for a centralized utility model for data insights a reality for users. And since it takes advantage of cloud-based big data infrastructure and can also collect data from legacy infrastructures, it is vastly more powerful than legacy and on-premise analytics solutions. The Sumo Logic platform is a single source of truth for enterprises to make informed decisions when delivering world class mission critical applications and services. “Our platform is putting insight and understanding back in the hands of the people who need it. They can easily troubleshoot, monitor and keep mission critical applications and services running smoothly by comprehending the ‘why’ and ‘how’ not just the ‘what,’ and then have the freedom to focus on proactive actions and innovation,” says Sayar. In production at over 500 companies across diverse industries including financial services, government, manufacturing, publishing, retail, entertainment, aviation, e-commerce, high tech and healthcare, Sumo Logic is most often selected as the next generation application analytics solution for modern business critical services, enabling customers to more rapidly go from code to deployment with insights. The platform is also frequently chosen to ‘augment’ as well as replace legacy operational intelligence systems that are not cloud based, cannot scale and grow too costly. The company grew its customer base by more than 300 percent year-over-year—including Akamai, Betfair, Brightcove, Interactive Intelligence, Ooyala and WD-40—and increased bookings by 400 percent so far in 2014. “We help our customers evolve from old ops to new ops, providing transparency and agility across both newly architected and traditional workloads and across teams. But modern IT operations (including cloud IT ops), security operations and DevOps can’t stop at evolving from the old stack and what the industry currently calls ‘the new stack.’ In five to ten years, today’s ‘New IT’ will be just ‘IT.’ Sumo Logic helps enterprises build a bridge from Old IT to New IT, and also provides visibility into future IT stacks as well—that’s necessary if we are to be the foundational platform of the cloud economy. We are accelerating the sea change that is already happening and enabling our customers to get value out of IT, now and years from now,” Sayar concludes.

Supporting Quotes

“Enterprises today struggle with streams of data that are continuously growing and multiplying. While many organizations use some form of IT operations analysis tool, many are looking for more comprehensive analytics offerings that can support improved application and business performance,” said Jason Stamper, Analyst at 451 Group. “Sumo Logic’s cloud-native platform fills this void, as it can monitor both applications and services for customers. We continue to see buyers looking to cloud based services due to the ease of use and the ability to integrate new systems and data sources rapidly, which Sumo Logic technology makes possible.” “We’ve adopted a data-driven approach to delivering our digital and adaptive learning software systems. Sumo Logic enables us to rapidly identify and troubleshoot any issues across the infrastructure stack using real-time alerts to fix issues before they impact release cycles,” said Shane Shelton, Sr. Director of Application Performance and Development Operations at McGraw-Hill Education. “We love how the cloud-native platform from Sumo Logic, provides insight on literally thousands of Amazon Web Services EC2 instances, distills what is relevant and gets to the bottom of it in minutes.” “As one of Australia’s leading cloud services integrators, we have high standards for products to compliment our existing technical solutions,” said Brenton Carbins, CTO of RedBear IT. “Our customers expect RedBear IT to be responsive, insightful and to quickly zero in on the real issues. With Sumo Logic we will now be able to identify, diagnose and rectify technical issues with significantly less time and effort, which is a great result for both RedBear IT and our customers.”

1 BBC News - Big Data: Are you ready for blast-off? - Mar. 3 2014

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