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September 13, 2022 By Sumo Logic

​​Sumo Logic Opens New Fast Lanes to Power Modern, Digital Business

Observability enhancements unlock greater insight and usability to enhance the developer experience

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – September 13, 2022 – Sumo Logic (NASDAQ: SUMO), the SaaS analytics platform to enable reliable and secure cloud-native applications, today announced new solutions across its observability portfolio. Delivering on its developer-first promise, Sumo Logic is giving developers enhanced tools for faster insight into application performance with new functionality for Real User Monitoring, Unified Entity Model, and Intelligent Alert Management. The announcement was made at the company’s sixth annual Illuminate 2022 user conference being held virtually September 13-14.

“Reliability is a journey for any organization. Our goal is to give product, business leaders and developers a framework to prioritize what will make the most impact based on real data,” said Erez Barak, VP of Product Development for Observability, Sumo Logic. “With these latest investments, we continue our track record of offering tools that bring innovation-driven insight into view and doing our part to transform enterprises for modern, digital business.”

Extended Real User Monitoring

Since its initial launch a year ago, Sumo Logic Real User Monitoring (RUM) has helped hundreds of customers innovate. RUM provides high-level insights into user experience with the ability to segment by geography, operating system, and browser.

With this latest iteration, Sumo Logic extends the coverage and visibility of the RUM solution in the browser to the following areas:

  • Core Web Vital (CWV) Metrics: CWV focuses on three aspects of the user experience - loading, interactivity, and visual stability - and the associated thresholds. Sumo Logic RUM now captures and displays these metrics out of the box, on overview dashboards for document load action types. In addition, Sumo Logic added Time to First Byte which measures the delay when a web server is too slow to respond.

  • Single Page Application (SPA) Support: Related to various user actions on a page, RUM provides insights into the performance and availability of XHR calls and route changes, including identifying user actions (e.g. button clicks) that trigger XHR calls and allows drill-down to specific diagnostic traces.

  • Tracing Browser Freeze Times: Sumo Logic RUM now captures long task delay metrics which indicate when the main browser interface is locked for extended periods, helping front-end developers to design more interactive and better performing browser interfaces.

  • Better Visualizations: Overview dashboards on all explore levels now have a new panel showing geographic user activity in the form of a World Map.

  • Browser Errors: Unhandled errors, rejections or failed resources are captured and available in the log index and dashboards. This gives developers full visibility into the flow and categories of errors generated by various parts of the browser application.

Read the blog: New Capabilities: Sumo Logic Expands Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Unified Entity Model: Database Entities & Entity Inspector

For developers and teams trying to maintain and manage high-performance applications, understanding how different pieces of technology interact helps during troubleshooting. With this addition, Sumo Logic vastly improves the way developers track crucial relationships between APM and infrastructure data:

  • Database Entities are now available in the Unified Entity Model allowing them to be easily identified. This functionality automatically detects database-related data, delivers a user-friendly grouping of database entities, and displays them in the explore tab. With these simpler views, developers get a holistic view of ingested data and relevant dashboards to better organize data. Database Entities are an extension of the explore functionality Sumo Logic provides for AWS, K8s and APM.

  • Sumo Logic Entity Inspector will now display related APM Entities - like Application or Service - directly on the Infrastructure Entity dashboard, allowing developers to quickly jump from infrastructure context to APM context. Also, Entity Inspector will now be able to detect relationships between entities from different domains, for example, which EC2 Instance is related to a given APM Service. Entity Inspector for APM will be available by September 23.

Intelligent Alert Grouping - Simplifies Alert Management

Sumo Logic Intelligent Alert Grouping gives customers flexibility in generating more than one alert from a given monitor by specifying the grouping condition on which alerts will be generated.

For example, rather than creating multiple monitors for each service, developers can now create one single monitor to notify when a metric, such as CPU utilization or error count, goes above the threshold for a given service. By specifying the service field as the grouping condition, one alert would be generated per service, as pictured below.

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Intelligent Alert Grouping - Simplifies Alert Management

Editors Note: Sumo Logic announced the release of Sumo Logic Reliability Management and a separate press release today - “Sumo Logic Delivers Blueprint to Advance Innovation with Reliability Management

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