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April 25, 2023 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic to Scale SecOps for Modern Enterprises with Wave of New Innovations Built on Leading Log Analytics Platform

  • Applies detection logic to behavior modeling with UEBA

  • Cloud SOAR features added to Cloud SIEM power new Automation Service

  • ML-powered detection lowers false positives with Cloud SIEM Insight Trainer; introduces integration of ChatGPT to accelerate security investigations

RSA Conference – SAN FRANCISCO – April 25, 2023 – Sumo Logic (NASDAQ: SUMO), the SaaS analytics platform to enable reliable and secure cloud-native applications, today announced several native innovations across the Sumo Logic platform to give security analysts better visibility to solve new use cases and enable coordinated defense.

“Siloed tools and teams are a major barrier to scaling security operations and addressing the dynamic threat landscape of cloud-developed applications,” said Dave Frampton, SVP and General Manager, Security Business Unit at Sumo Logic. “By combining SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, and log analytics with comprehensive observability capabilities in an integrated platform, we’re enabling seamless collaboration across the DevOps, application, and security teams which all play essential roles in modern defense.”

Acknowledges one early adopter, “Sumo Logic gives us the opportunity to accelerate and expand growth and adoption of behavioral analytics across our organization. With the number of potential unknown threats to investigate, it is easier for us to make confident, data-driven decisions quickly,” said Brandon Hess, a Security Architect with deep experience in both the financial and professional services sectors.

Here are the new benefits:

  • Native UEBA Threat Detection for Greater Transparency, Increased Flexibility: Previous generations of UEBA anomaly detection have been plagued by problems with false positives, complexity and tuning limitations. Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM addresses these challenges with new UEBA capabilities delivering transparent, configurable, tunable detection and base-lining -- fully integrated with all other detection tools. With this distinct advantage, Sumo Logic preserves the benefits of identifying unknown threats, insider threats, and user/entity profiling without the drawbacks of previous industry UEBA solutions. Extending its heritage as a leader in log analytics, Sumo Logic takes UEBA one step further to address new classes of use cases in application security and observability.

  • Efficient Automation and Enrichment from Cloud SOAR: Current SIEM offerings have difficulty contextualizing real threats and security analysts must pivot to other tools -- threat intelligence, DDOS, malware, lateral movement or phishing, and a plethora of other enrichment capabilities -- to deal with the huge volume and wide variety of alerts generated. Delivering automation at cloud scale, Sumo Logic introduces Cloud SIEM Automation Service, a marriage of Cloud SOAR with Cloud SIEM. Today, security analysts can more efficiently automate the data from alerts, telemetry and enrichment.

  • ML-Powered Detection & Investigation: Built to help security engineers and security analysts tune threat detection logic to minimize false positives and boost true positives, Sumo Logic introduces Cloud SIEM Insight Trainer. Insight Trainer applies ML to understand patterns in the data and automatically suggests detection logic severity and tuning adjustments. When recommendations are applied on a regular basis, Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM enables SOC teams to focus attention on true indicators of compromise. As a result, overall security posture is improved with high-fidelity signals. To accelerate security investigations, Sumo Logic introduces its integration of ChatGPT with its powerful automation and orchestration solution, Cloud SOAR. With this integration, security analysts can quickly identify best practices within documented incident management framework with SOAR investigation workflows.

With these additions, Sumo Logic is a leading SaaS platform delivering the flexibility, speed, and agility to innovate without jeopardizing security and control. Sumo Logic will demonstrate these capabilities from Booth #5151 in the North Hall at the RSA Conference.

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