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Sumo Logic Free
FREE! Up to 500MB / day
1-3 Users
Logs Features
  • 7 Days Data Retention
  • Data Collection (any source)
  • Powerful Ad Hoc Search
  • LogReduce & LogCompare Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics & Outlier Detection
  • Live Tail
  • Historical & Live Streaming Dashboards
  • PCI, SOC, CSA, ISO, HIPAA Certifications
Support / Services
  • Community

Logs & Metrics

$   /mo 1 GB / Day
with annual pre-pay or, $  with monthly billing


$ 15 /mo
1,000 DPM (Data Points Per Minute) Annual Commitment Required
3-20 Users
Logs & Metrics Features
  • 30 Days Data Retention
  • All Sumo Logic Free Features
  • Real Time Alerting
  • Data Forwarding & Webhook Integrations
  • Advanced Search Performance
  • Collector Management API
  • Sumo Logic Apps
  • Free Metrics Credit 50 DPM/GB New
Support / Services
  • Access to Sumo Logic Support

Logs & Metrics

$   /mo 1 GB / Day
with annual pre-pay or, $  with monthly billing


$ 15 /mo
1,000 DPM (Data Points Per Minute) Annual Commitment Required
20+ Users
Logs & Metrics Features
  • Multi-Year Data Retention
  • All Professional Features
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Search Analytics API
  • Single Sign-on Integration
  • Security Analytics App Framework
  • PCI Compliance App Framework
  • Free Metrics Credit 200 DPM/GB New
Support / Services
  • Access to Sumo Logic Support

We selected Sumo Logic and were able to deploy a two terabyte/day log stream into production in just one week. The Sumo Logic service enables us to rapidly make data-driven decisions to improve our fast-growing and innovative video technology service.”

Sean Knapp, Co - Founder, Ooyala


The Sumo Logic service is designed to flex to your needs. Monthly billing, 5x bursting and hassle-free overages, we flex to meet your needs.

No Hidden Fees

At Sumo Logic, transparency is a key company value. You choose your service performance levels and get near instant time to value with no hidden fees.

What is DPM?

DPM is Data Points Per Minute. Additional Data Points Per Minute (DPM) metrics can be purchased at 1000 DPM for $15/month. To purchase, please contact sales

What happens at the end of the 30 day trial?

All Professional and Enterprise 30 day trials revert to a Sumo Logic Free account.

Will I be billed after the free trial?

After the 30 day trial period, all Professional and Enterprise trials revert to the Sumo Logic Free edition. To continue utilizing the full functionality of the Professional and Enterprise, simply purchase from within the Sumo Logic admin interface or contact the Sumo Logic sales team.

What features do I get during the 30 day trial?

During the first 30 days of all plans, your account is enabled with all of the features of the Enterprise plan.

Do You provide 24x7 Technical Support?

Yes, 24×7 Technical Support is an optional paid addition to the Enterprise package. Inquire with your sales contact to include this option to your order.

How much data volume do I get allocated during my 30 day trial?

The default data volume setting during the 30 day trial is 5GB/ day.  For complex proof of concept pilots of the Sumo Logic service, you can always contact the sales team to cater a greater data volume need for your trial.

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