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Cloud economics for all your data

With an innovative cloud-based licensing model, customers pre-purchase credit capacity that can be flexibly applied to pay for data and capabilities within your platform.

  • Cost aligned to the value to the business
  • Powerful analytics that fits any budget
  • Unlimited flexibility to use capabilities
  • No license waste and no penalties
  • Fully automated and self-service licensing
Cloud economics for all your data

Why credits matter

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Customers are free to scale up and down as needed, ensuring they are not over-paying or under-utilizing their license.

Enable Devops

Unlimited access

Add unlimited users, data sources, third-party integrations and extensions with no additional cost or administrative support required.

Multi cloud

Cloud native

Multi-tenant cloud-native solution that has no limits to scalability and flexibility.

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No license waste

No more over-provisioning for bursts in new workloads and seasonality in data volume.

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Real-time ROI

Real-time feedback on impact of license optimizations.


Self-service licensing

Complete freedom to change or apply credits to any product. No drawn-out procurement conversations or complicated paperwork.

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Credits unlock more choices

You decide what to use and when to use it. Adapt quickly and efficiently to changing requirements.

You are able to plan and anticipate adjustments vs. having to react and pay for historical use.

Credits unlock more choices

Unlimited flexibility

No penalties based on usage. Business is not static or average. With Sumo Logic, you don’t have to be limited to daily, weekly, or monthly averages.

No license waste. Gone are the days where you must pay to cover anticipated performance peaks or the high mark on seasonality all year long.

Unlimited flexibility

Don't worry—we got you covered

Support has your back with every Sumo logic service plan. From community support forums, global 24/7 coverage, and dedicated Technical Account Managers with our premium offer, Sumo Logic is ready to assist you.

Don't worry—we got you covered


Support features

24/7 Service Availability Monitoring
Community support, Public certification, and Best practice documentation
Dedicated Sumo Support Team
24/7 Priority 1 call support
Technical account manager





Decide for yourself—Who offers the maximum flexibility and best ROI?

No on-demand penalties
Self-service configuration
Streaming Log Analytics
Frequent Log Analytics
Infrequent Log Analytics
Log Archiving (no indexing)
Unlimited Users
No Ingest Peak Limitations
Real-time Licence Management Screen

Sumo Cloud Flex Credit


Single Tenant Cloud

Support ticket
Additional CPUs required
Infrastructure (CPU)

Legacy On-Premise

Module Restricted
Additional CPUs required
Infrastructure (CPU)

Node Based

Additional nodes required
Yes, but DIY performance tuning
Additional warm nodes required
Add-ons required
Peak nodes required

Host Based

$0.10 per GB
On-demand charges
No 24 hour delay

Hybrid Ingest + User + Events

Add-on based on packaging caps
Per User Licensing
On-demand charges

Credit FAQ

What is a credit?

A credit is a unit of measure that is used to flexibly pay against use of any products (logs, metrics, storage, etc.) within a service agreement plan.

As product variables are processed in the platform, credits are recorded in the account management console.

How do credits work?

Cloud Flex Credit Service Agreement is a term-based service agreement providing pre-packaged capacity in annual allotments.

  • Capacity is managed by credits.
  • A credit is a unit of measure that is used to flexibly pay against use of any products (logs, metrics, storage, etc) within a service agreement plan.
  • Credits utilization reflect in the platform by product variable on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and updated in the system in real time.
  • Each product variable tracks to a pre-defined number of credits per event (i.e. 20 credits per GB ingested for search, real-time alerts and dashboards, etc.).
How many credits per product variable?

Your credit ratio is fixed for the term of your contract. The number of credits per product variable input and the calculation on how they are tracked can be found at:

What happens if I run out?

Credits are licensed as part of the agreement in annual buckets, If your run rate is tracking at a rate that will deplete your allotment for an annual bucket, you can upgrade the remaining portion of your contract at your contract price per credit.

How do I know how many I have?

The account management screen within your service provides a real time view of the number of credits you have licensed, how many you have used, and forecast on how many you will use during the term. This view can be adjusted on the fly to show utilization on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, utilization for specific timeframe, and filters by product variable use. All these adjustments are live and in real time, and can easily be reset to previous views.

How do I calculate how many credits I need?

The credit overview page: provides the credit utilization calculations and examples of how to calculate number credits for particular variables. You can leverage this information to build any estimates for future use cases or data sources that require analytics. For scenario modeling, contact your Sumo Logic representative and they can help provide scenario tools and guidance on best practices.

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