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Cloud Economics

One size doesn’t actually fit all

You need a solution that is built for modern business, not solving for yesterday’s problems.

Don’t settle. Your data deserves better.


Flexible pricing that aligns with the rhythm of your business

Never be penalized for your peak and seasonal business cycles — pay only for what you need, when you need it

Cloud Economics

A platform matched to your needs

Find the place for all of your data with Cloud Flex, where the continuous, frequent, and infrequent access tiers are optimized for your use cases like real-time monitoring, pre-production and compliance.

Cloud Systems And Infrastructure

A solution built for serverless

Are you still buying analytics software from vendors that talk about servers and perpetual licenses? You need a solution that's built to solve the problems you have, not the challenges you used to have.

Unlimited flexibility

No penalties based on usage. Business is not static or average. With Sumo Logic, you don’t have to be limited to daily, weekly, or monthly averages.

No license waste. Gone are the days where you must pay to cover anticipated performance peaks or the high mark on seasonality all year long.

Unlimited flexibility

Flexible, tiered analytics

Don't overpay for your data analytics. Unlimited choices for tiering your data according to their value to you. Sumo Logic's innovative solution offers multiple analytic tiers:

  • Continuous: Continuous tier to analyze mission-critical data sets where you need to monitor, dashboard, and alert in real-time.

  • Frequent: Frequent tier for high usage ad-hoc analysis of data sets, where you are primarily focused only on unlimited searching and visualization of data.

  • Infrequent: Infrequent tier for on-demand and ad-hoc analysis of data sets, where you are primarily focused on on demand searching and visualization of data.

  • Archive: Free forwarding of your data into your own S3 storage bucket.

Flexible, tiered analytics

Scales as you do

“With Sumo Logic, our system can now handle bursts up to 20 times our average rate seamlessly, while relieving the operational burden.”

Cloud Cruiser

Ben Abrams

Lead DevOps Engineer

Cloud-native, Continuous Intelligence Platform

The Sumo Logic platform helps you make data-driven decisions and reduce the time to investigate security and operational issues so you can free up resources for more important activities.

Unified Platform

Unified platform

A single integrated solution for developers, security, operations and LOB teams.

Built To Scale

Built to scale

200+ petabytes of data analyzed, 20 million searches performed – every day.

Cloud Economics

Cloud economics

Flexible subscription model tailored to your business and analytical needs.

Machine Learning

Proactive & predictive

Identify, investigate and resolve issues faster with machine learning.

Secure By Design

Secure by design

Built with security-first principle in and for the cloud.

Powering Modern

Powering modern enterprise

Empowering teams to securely collaborate using role-based access control and content sharing.

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