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Accelerate DevOps Continuous Delivery

Build Better Apps. Faster.

Speed application development and deployment in a modern software delivery lifecycle

Real-time, secure access to production data

Empower developers with secure, real-time access to production logs for full-stack visibility and live tailing.

Pattern recognition and anomaly detection

Correlate logs across multiple data sources and lower false positives. Identify errors before and after releases and compare behavior across clusters.

Integrations across the DevOps toolchain

Monitor and troubleshoot across DevOps tools such as GitHub, Docker, Artifactory and Chef–out of the box.

Improve Visibility Across Development and Production Environments

Full Stack Application Visibility–Gather event streams from applications at every stage from sandbox development to final deployment and beyond. Combine with system and infrastructure data to get a complete view of your application and infrastructure stack in real time.

Increased Application Availability and Performance –Identify issues before they impact the application and customer. Precise, proactive analytics quickly uncover hidden root causes across all layers of the application and infrastructure stack.

No Integration Hassle–Ingest machine data from applications, systems, network and tools across the entire continuous delivery pipeline, not just server data.

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Streamline Continuous Development, Testing and Delivery

Streamline frequent release cycles while improving software quality by monitoring the entire pipeline.

Improve staff efficiency and get a centralized viewpoint that both DevOps and IT Ops can share.

Significantly reduce time developers spend troubleshooting issues in production up to 90% with real-time monitoring of the entire infrastructure including stats, events and container logs.

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Analytics Driven Development

End User Satisfaction–Track application performance and identify issues, reduce the number of support tickets and quickly troubleshoot to expedite their remediation. Predictive analytics predicts future KPI violations and abnormal behaviors through a linear projection model before they impact your customers.

Continuous Innovation–Monitor user and system behavior including activity, errors, transactions and session ids with transaction analytics and incorporate key trends to deliver quality software.

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Sumo Logic DevOps Ecosystem

Get a pulse on application logs in Docker by leveraging variety of flexible collection methods including the official SumoLogic Docker image and the HTTP collection API.

Automate the configuration and provisioning of your Sumo Logic collectors with Chef to accelerate log collection across your environment.

Feed your AWS CloudTrail data into the Sumo Logic service to track and monitor your AWS infrastructure for operational and security insights. 

Examine critical elements of your S3 service including access logs and reveal information such as request type, resource name and time that the request was processed.

Analyze raw AWS ELB data to determine latency and optimize your system configuration based on information across all availability zones about source IPs and traffic to EC2 backend instances. 

The Sumo Logic application for Linux helps you troubleshoot and optimize your Linux servers. 

Identify application and service performance issues such as re-directs in your code, server failures and spikes in traffic that may affect customer experience. 

Centralize, analyze, and visualize the performance and reliability of your Apache infrastructure as well as gain crucial customer insights. 

Aggregate your MySQL logs into the Sumo Logic service and get immediate visibility into errors, replication issues and query performance. 

Identify traffic sources and most requested products and quickly address both customer-facing and internal operation issues. 

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