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October 11, 2017

Customer Insights: Acquia

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Before Sumo Logic support engineers or operations may have to go hop into some random web server and the Amazon Cloud and then go and grab the logs or have to go and collect multiple log files from lots of different machines and now everything's in a single dashboard we love the fact that Sumo logics cloud base just like we are even Amazon customers from the very beginning and really is transformed how our support team our developers do that their day-to-day jobs so now that everyone has sumo logic they can hop right into the dashboard many of these support engineers may just live in the dashboard have it open on one of their machines all day long so the key thing is sumo logic has really accelerated the velocity for our support engineering teams operations as well as helping my developers go and build and release applications troubleshoot things quicker get to RCA's really fast so we can share with our customers what really happened.

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