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Sumo Logic Live Tail

Sumo Logic Live Tail is now generally available! Now users have access to a new feature that allows you to tail log files in real time. You can also perform additional actions like pausing (and resuming), tailing multiple sessions and filtering your log lines as they come in. Live tial is immediately available in browser mode (with the Sumo Logic application) and will be soon available in the command line interface mode (CLI).


Sumo Logic on Heroku Marketplace

Sumo Logic is now available as an add-on in the Heroku marketplace under the logging category. This integration means that developers using Heroku as their cloud platform (PaaS) to build, deliver, and scale apps can leverage Sumo Logic for logging and analytics. Users can directly access the Sumo Logic service from their app. In this beta integration, Heroku users can leverage the Enterprise version of Sumo Logic service for 30 days, after which time users can use the free version.


Webhook Alerts for Scheduled Searches

Sumo Logic enables scheduled searches to trigger Webhook alerts in a variety of 3rd party tools such as Slack, PagerDuty, VictorOps and Datadog in addition to the existing Service Now integration. Extend the alerting capabilities of Sumo Logic through integrations with custom apps or third-party frameworks like IFTTT, Zapier, and more. Easily create Webhook connections through a few simple steps and add JSON payloads to immediately select new Webhook alert types in scheduled searches.

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Sumo Logic Application for Docker

The Sumo Logic Application for Docker provides a native collection source for your entire Docker infrastructure. Real-time dashboards help monitor the Docker infrastructure including stats, events and container logs.DevOps teams can visualize key metrics and KPIs, including image usage, container actions and faults, as well as CPU/Memory/Network statistics and troubleshoot critical issues.

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Outlier Detection

Outlier Detection is powered by a unique algorithm that can analyze thousands of data streams with a single query, determine dynamic baselines and identify outliers in real-time. Purpose-built visualization highlights abnormal behaviors giving teams visibility into critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Real-time alerts help teams react to and remediate critical issues as they are detected, such as a sudden rise in response time, unusual spike in network traffic or drop in request volume. Users can customize simple input parameters to manage sensitivity, baselines, direction and duration of cpact their business.

Predictive Analytics

The Predictive Analytics capability extends and complements Outlier Detection by predicting future KPI violations and abnormal behaviors through a linear projection model. The ability to observe violations that may occur in the future, such as declining transaction volumes, rise in latency, and decrease in available application resources, helps DevOps, IT Ops, and Security teams address issues before they impact their business.

New Features

Sumo Logic has successfully validated compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) version 3.0 as a “Level 1” service provider for its machine data analytics services.

The new Sumo Logic Audit App allows users to monitor, audit and analyze all user, usage and administrator activity. All customers can now monitor their Sumo Logic service to identify suspicious or non-compliant activities.

In addition to the UTF-8 default, the Sumo Logic service now supports the following content encoding formats:
◦ UTF-16
◦ UTF-16 LE
◦ UTF-16 BE
◦ UTF-32
◦ UTF-32 LE
◦ UTF-32 BE

Updated Dashboards

Customers can now choose between Light and Dark Dashboard themes to fit their preferred viewing style.

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