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1Password App for Sumo Logic

Visualize and secure 1Password vault access

Gain key insights into user actions and threat intel for clients accessing shared vaults

1Password is a secure and convenient password manager for documents, credit card information, and addresses. The Sumo Logic App for 1Password helps you monitor your 1Password account’s sign-in and item usage events. The dashboards provide insight into failed and successful authentications, events breakdown by client applications, type, category, users, geo-location of events, outliers, and threat analysis of sign-in events.

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Identify anomalous login behaviors

Track sign-in events and attempts, see what sign-in attempts were successful or failed across the organization

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Correlate user activity and item usage

Monitoring item usage, shows which users accessed what items – logins, secrets, documents, etc – and when


Identify threats in real time

View potential threats across to your organization’s files or vai sign in attempts and how to mitigate them as soon as possible