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Gain A Deep Understanding of Your Linux Environment

The Sumo Logic application for Linux helps you troubleshoot and optimize your Linux servers. Live dashboards help you quickly find root cause of failures, diagnose system issues, uncover security incidents, and identifying performance bottlenecks.

With the Sumo Logic Application for Linux, you can:

  •  Collect and centralize logs and metrics from your Linux servers, kernel, applications, security, processes, and more.
  • Find issues related to Linux server failures and issues and correlate Linux events with events generated by applications, security devices, networks and other IT infrastructure. Reduce time to resolution and improve uptime and reliability.
  • Alert on access, audit, and security events on the operating system level and store all those events into a secure, tamper resistant system of record.


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“Sumo Logic has allowed McGraw-Hill Education to move to AWS with confidence, enable real-time visibility across the entire stack, all at reduced TCO.”

Shane Shelton,
Sr. Director of Application Performance
& Development Operations

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