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OneLogin Integrates with Sumo Logic for Enhanced Visibility and Threat Detection

OneLogin and Sumo Logic are thrilled to announce our new partnership and technology integration between the two companies. We’re alike in many ways: we’re both cloud-first, our customers include both cloud natives and cloud migrators, and we are laser-focused on helping customers implement the best security with the least amount of effort. Today’s integration is […]

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New DevOps Site Chronicles the Changing Face of DevOps

As organizations increasingly adopt DevOps as part of the digital initiative, the very nature of DevOps is rapidly changing. As DevOps as a Service, security-first design patterns, containerization and microservices come into focus, it’s clear that DevOps is becoming the de facto means by which organizations build, run and secure their modern applications. So today […]

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Sumo Logic Delivers Industry’s First Multi-Tenant SaaS Security Analytics Solution with Integrated Threat Intelligence

Integrated Threat Intelligence Providing Visibility into Events that Matter to You! You’ve already invested a great deal in your security infrastructure to prevent, detect, and respond to cybersecurity attacks. Yet you may feel as if you’re still constantly putting out fires and are still uncertain about your current cybersecurity posture. You’re looking for ways to […]

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AWS Well Architected Framework – Security Pillar

When I’m asked, “How should I monitor my Amazon Web Services infrastructure?” or, “What AWS products and features should I be using?”, one of the first topics I focus on is security. The AWS Well Architected Framework‘s Security Pillar defines cloud security best practices with five Design Principles and five focus areas. First, I’ll describe the […]

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CISO Manifesto: 10 Rules for Vendors

This CISO blog post was contributed by Gary Hayslip, Deputy Director, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the City of San Diego, Calif., and Co-Author of the book CISO Desk Reference Guide: A Practical Guide for CISOs As businesses today focus on the new opportunities cybersecurity programs provide them, CISOs like myself have to learn job roles […]

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AWS Best Practices – How to Achieve a Well Architected Framework

I’m often asked, “How should I monitor my Amazon Web Services infrastructure? What AWS products and features should I be using?” These two questions can be difficult to answer, but with the help of AWS’s top Solutions Architects, you can ask your team a set of key questions to ensure you’ve built AWS best practices into your stack. Amazon Web Service’s […]

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