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Integrate Azure Function with Sumo Logic Schedule Search

Azure Functions Azure functions are event driven pieces of code that can used to integrate systems, build APIs, process data and trigger any action/reaction to events without having to worry about infrastructure to run it. More info on Azure functions can be found here.   Sumo Logic Scheduled Search Scheduled searches are standard saved searches […]

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Data Analytics and Microsoft Azure

Today plenty of businesses still have real concerns about migrating applications to the cloud. Fears about network security, availability, and potential downtime swirl through the heads of chief decision makers, sometimes paralyzing organizations into standing pat on existing tech–even though it’s aging by the minute. Enter Microsoft Azure, the industry leader’s solution for going to […]

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Benchmarking Microservices for Fun and Profit

Why should I benchmark microservices? The ultimate goal of benchmarking is to better understand the software, and test out the effects of various optimization techniques for microservices. In this blog, we describe our approach to benchmarking microservices here at Sumo Logic. Create a spreadsheet for tracking your benchmarking We found a convenient way to document […]

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