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Big Data has a BIG STORY Visualize, Analyze and Report on Security Data From AWS and Sumo Logic team up to provide seamless integrated visibility into compliance monitoring and risk attribution Analyzing and visualizing all your security data in one place can be a tricky undertaking.  For any SOC, DevSecOps or DevOps team in heterogeneous environments, the number of tools in place to gain visibility into and monitor compliance […]

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AWS – The Biggest Supercomputer in the World

AWS is one of the greatest disruptive forces in the entire enterprise technology market. Who would have thought when they launched in 2006, it was going to kick off perhaps the most transformative shift in the history of the $300B data center industry. Over 25,000 people (or 0.0003% of the World’s population) are descending on […]

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Advanced Security Analytics for AWS

Every company – if they are going to remain relevant – is going through some form of digital transformation today and software is at the heart of this transformation. According to a report by the center for digital business transformation, the digital disruption will displace approximately 40% of incumbent companies within the next 5 years. […]

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Starting Fresh in AWS

Many folks we speak to ask the question: “How do I get started in AWS?” The answer used to be simple. There was a single service for compute, storage, and a few others services in early trials. Fast forward 10+ years and AWS now offers over 50 services. Taking your first steps can be daunting. […]

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Announcing Sumo Logic’s State of Modern Apps in AWS Report

Today we published Sumo Logic’s first  “The State of The Modern App in AWS” report. We wanted to explore how modern applications differ from traditional applications: how are the modern app workloads run, what application components are used, and which types of application services are leveraged?  This report is based on anonymized data from about […]

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