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How We Survived the Dyn DNS Outage

What Happened? On Friday October 21st, Dyn, a major DNS provider, started having trouble due to a DOS attack. Many companies including PagerDuty, Reddit, Twitter, and others suffered significant downtime. Sumo Logic had a short blip of failures, but stayed up, allowing our customers to continue to seamlessly use our service for monitoring and troubleshooting within […]

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Sumo Logic Launches Ultimate Log Bible Project

Greetings Sumo Logic community members, today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Sumo Logic Log Bible project. ** Put your log expertise to work and win $100! ** Log data contains a wealth of operational and security information, although it’s not always as easy as you’d like to extract it. In an […]

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Integrated Container Security Monitoring with Twistlock

Twistlock provides dev-to-production security for the container environment. More specifically, The Twistlock container security suite offers 4 major areas of functionality: Vulnerability management that inspects the full stack of components in a container image and allows you to eradicate vulnerabilities before deployment. Compliance which enforces compliance with industry best practices and configuration policies, with 90+ […]

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