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Dockerizing Apps that Scale Using Docker Compose

While Docker allows for creating build-once, run-anywhere deployments that scale from local laptops to production servers and everything in between, leveraging that power requires working around some limitations. Here are some advanced techniques.

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JFrog and Sumo Logic’s Top Developers Speak Out on CI/CD, Docker and Microservices

As part of the Sumo Logic’s Thought Leadership Series, JFrog’s Co-founder and Chief Architect, Fred Simon, came together with Sumo Logic’s Chief Architect, Stefan Zier, last week to share their insights into topics ranging from continuous integration and delivery to building apps with Docker and architecting for microservices. The series launches in advance of a webinar […]

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Sumo Dojo Winners – Using Docker, FluentD and Sumo Logic for Deployment Automation

Recently, Sumo Dojo ran a contest in the community see who is analyzing Docker logs with Sumo Logic, and how. The contest ran the month of June and  was presented at DockerCon. Last week, the Sumo Dojo selected the winner, Brandon Milsom, from Australia-based company Fugro Roames. Roames uses remote sensing laser (LIDAR) technology to create interactive 3D asset […]

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Key Takeaways from MongoDB World 2016

Last week I talked about our new Sumo Logic App for MongoDB and shared some of the interesting conversations I had with folks at MongoDB World. There were so many good sessions at the event, that I thought it was worth another post highlighting some of content and presentations from the show. Containers I had […]

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Managing Containers with Docker Shipyard

Docker Shipyard takes Swarm further by letting you manage app images and container registries in addition to containers themselves. Plus, Shipyard offers a Web-based graphical front-end and a rich API in addition to a CLI.

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Confessions of a Sumo Dashboard Addict

When you think of Ulta Beauty, you most likely think of makeovers, not technology. But in fact, we’ve also been doing makeovers of our technology to bring together all the technical groups that touch our guests (application development, operations, e-commerce, plus our off-shore teams) under one organization to drive the best possible guest experience. For […]

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